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Advion 2022 Issue Briefs:


Expand Medicare Beneficiaries’ Access to Digital Health, Including Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring  (Feb 2022)


Support the Stabilizing Medicare Access to Rehabilitation and Therapy (SMART) Act of 2021 (H.R. 5536) (Feb 2022)


Hospital Observation Status Harms Beneficiaries' Access to Medicare's Skilled Nursing Benefit


NASL Coalition Involvement
  • Independence Through Enhancement of Medicare and Medicaid (ITEM) Coalition
  • Coalition to Protect Rehabilitation (CPR)
  • Observation Stays Coalition
  • Therapy Cap Coalition
  • LTPAC Health IT Collaborative
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Welcome to the Advion Issue & Advocacy Center

Mounting public and private pressure to restructure the nation's healthcare delivery system, a growing number of elderly Americans and limited financial resources have created an uncertain environment for long term and post acute care providers. 

Advion's advocacy efforts serve to provide your organization with the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure that your voice is heard in the congressional health care debate. The role of an informed constituent is a crucial one; you have the expertise and the local knowledge to provide valuable information to your legislators.

Advion encourages members to become involved - whether it's by scheduling a meeting with your elected representative, writing a letter, or making a phone call.



Calls to Action



At the end of each year, Congress typically passes a large legislative package.  We need to ensure legislation is included in this package that will address both the overall Medicare cuts and the 15% cut to services furnished by physical therapist assistants (PTAs) and occupational therapy assistants (OTAs).  Advion needs our advocates to ask their Members of Congress to include both the Supporting Medicare Providers Act (H.R. 8800) and the Stabilizing Medicare Access to Rehabilitation and Therapy (SMART) Act (H.R. 5536) in any legislative package moving before the end of the year.


Email your member of Congress to Ensure Medicare Legislation is passed by the end of the year.






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Therapy Issues


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