Issues and Action


The National Association of Social Workers Virginia Chapter (NASW-VA) urges you to

Contact Members of the House Committee on Health, Welfare and Institutions - subcommittee #1.

Vote YES on Legislation to Authorize the Board of Social Work to License Baccalaureate Social Workers and Masters Social Workers

HB 614 (Price)


NASW-VA, which represents more than 3,000 licensed Social Workers in Virginia, urges you to vote YES in support of HB 614.


  • This legislation creates multi-level licensing for Social Workers and a registry for Clinical Social Workers. 


  • The new Licensed Baccalaureate Social Worker (LBSW) means a person, engaged in the practice of Social Work, who practices under the supervision of a Licensed Masters Social Worker (LMSW) and who is engaged in a basic generalist practice to include casework management, supportive services, consultation and education. 


  • The new LMSW means a person, engaged in a non-clinical, generalist scope of practice of Social Work to include staff supervision and management. 


  • Under the proposed changes, both the LBSW and LMSW are employed by an entity not otherwise exempted by provisions of 54.1-3701 (exemptions from requirements for licensure).


  • The legislation authorizes the Board of Social Work to better define the education and experience of Licensed Social Workers (LSWs).  Defining areas of responsibility according to a Social Workers education and experience will help improve the services that are delivered and provide more clarity in the responsibilities of the profession.


  • The legislation also authorizes the Board of Social Work to register Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs).  Registering LCSWs will help improve oversight of these professionals and improve the overall services that are delivered.



The National Association of Social Workers Virginia Chapter (NASW-VA) is also advocating in support of and in opposition to the following bills.  

NASW-VA will keep you informed as opportunities arise to reach out to your legislators.


Bills NASW Virginia Supports!

HB 407 - Boysko - Birth certificates; change of sex.

HB 479 - McQuinn - Barrier crimes; adult substance abuse and mental health treatment providers.

HB 518 - Simon - Minimum wage; increases wage to $9 per hour effective July 1, 2018, etc.

HB 569 - Gooditis - Suicide prevention activities; Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services to report.

HB 614- Price - Social work; practice.

HB 749 - Leftwich - Abduction of minor for the purpose of prostitution; penalty.

HB 758 - Leftwich - Death penalty; severe mental illness.

HB 1113 - Roem - Health insurance; coverage for autism spectrum disorder.

SB 245 – Surovell- Conversion therapy; prohibited by certain health care providers.



Bills NASW Virginia Opposes

HB 645- Hope - Strip searches; authorized search of certain misdemeanants, etc.

SB 203 - Favola - Food stamp eligibility; drug-related felonies