Regulations and Licensure:  The Conundrum

Members please rest assured that we hear you!  Licensure in the Commonwealth of Virginia has been on our “radar” for some time.  This issue was brought to our attention in 2010 from our members, and we have been working “behind the scenes” since we first learned of these challenges.

What we have done: 

We surveyed our membership, to gain perspective and allow for the depth of understanding needed to move forward.

We have engaged with the Board of Social Work, seeking clarification and an open, transparent dialogue.

We have facilitated meetings throughout Virginia of concerned stakeholders:  Practitioner, employers, individuals, and government officials.

We have collaborated with Universities across the state to ascertain the curriculum and the educator’s point of view.

We have visited with the Universities and provided information to the students.

We have provided one-on-one in person support as well as telephone support to our membership.

We have sought dialogue with our National NASW legal counsel, and understand that these issues are multi-faceted and may not move along as quickly as we all had hoped.


What we know:

We have made progress.

We will continue to make further progress and obtain the information that we need to provide support to our membership through strategic thought and guidance.


What we ask of you:

Continue to share your experiences with us.

Provide us written permission to use your stories as it pertains to the issues at hand.

Understand that issues related to licensing and regulations may not resolve as quickly as we wish they might. 

A look back review of the effect of challenges brought to our members that were related to the changes over the past several years to the regulations, guidelines and the application process for state licensure of the Licensed Clinical Social Worker