Diversity Deadlock?

Nov 09, 2017 08:00am -
Nov 09, 2017 10:00am

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Diversity Deadlock?

This past July Mayor Bill De Blasio announced that New York City will link future funding for museums and arts groups to the diversity of their employees and board members, putting pressure on cultural institutions across the city to prioritize equity and inclusion. How will these regulations impact fundraising in the cultural sector?

But, the cultural sector is not alone. The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports on a Board Source study flatly stating “Nonprofit leadership remains predominantly white and isn’t likely to grow more diverse anytime soon. Whites fill 90 percent of board seats and CEO positions; more than a quarter of boards are all-white.

Those numbers have varied little since the organization began surveying board chairs and top nonprofit executives in 1994 . and concludes they aren’t likely to change, because recruitment, at least at the board level, typically doesn’t focus on diversity. Only about a quarter of board chairs and chief executives rate demographic diversity as a high priority in recruiting.”

As more funders center on diversity in their decisions, how will the broader nonprofit economy be reshaped? And how will that affect you and your fundraising goals and outcomes? Join a moderated panel of grant makers and nonprofit staff for a discussion of diversity, fairness, and funding.


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