Upcoming Programs


Please hold the following dates for our upcoming programs:



Wednesday, December 5th 2018: Exploring the Dynamic Between Conduct Risk, Culture Risk & Reputational Risk



Wednesday, January 9th 2019: CECL



Wednesday, February 13th 2019: Annual Chief Risk Officers Roundtable







Previous Programs Held:


Thursday, November 8th 2018: Are You and Your Firm Ready for the Next Downturn?


Tuesday, October 9th 2018: Alternative Asset Managers: Risk Management Considerations and Current Trends



Wednesday, September 12th 2018: Cutting Edge Developments in Risk Management: Machine Learning, AI and RPA


Thursday, June 14th 2018: The Shifting Geopolitical Landscape - Macroeconomic and Country Risk Implications for Risk Managers


Tuesday, May 15th 2018: Regulatory Program - Senior Leadership Perspective on Evolving Markets and Regulatory Expectations


Wednesday, April 18th 2018: Annual Chief Risk Officers Roundtable


Wednesday, March 14th 2018: Leveraged Lending - Challenges, Trends and Opportunities


Wednesday, February 7th 2018: Chief Compliance Officers Roundtable


Wednesday, January 10th 2018: Liquidity Risk: Key Considerations for All Risk Managers


Wednesday, November 8th 2017: Systemic Risk - Are We Ready to Face the Next Global Financial Crisis?


Wednesday, September 14th 2017: The Future of Risk Management in the Digital Age


Tuesday, June 6th 2017: 2017 Regulatory Program - Roundtable Discussion with Senior Leaders from FINRA, FRBNY and SEC


Wednesday, May 3rd 2017: Annual Chief Risk Officers Roundtable


Wednesday, April 5th 2017: Effective Enterprise Risk Management in Financial Institutions


Wednesday, February 8th 2017: Risk Culture - Expectations and Practical Approaches


Wednesday, January 11th 2017: Hedge Funds - The Current State, Future Challenges and How to Manage Emerging Risks


Friday, December 9th 2016: Education Breakfast on Trends in Credit Risk Assessment and Modeling


Tuesday, November 15th 2016: The Impact of Fintech on Business Strategies and Risk Management


Monday, November 7th 2016: Breakfast Briefing - Margin Requirements for Non-Centrally Cleared Derivatives


Wednesday, October 19th 2016: "Financial Market Utilities (FMUs): Resiliency, Risk Management Considerations and Heightened Supervisory Expectations"


Wednesday, September 21st 2016: "Blockchain - Risk Management Implications for the Financial Services Sector"


Thursday, May 26th 2016: Breakfast on "Single Counterparty Credit Limits - What Comprises a 'Single Counterparty'?"


Friday, May 20th 2016: Breakfast on "A Framework for Evaluating Hedge Funds as Counterparties - What Can Risk Professionals Learn From the Buy-Side?"


Wednesday, May 11th 2016: Emerging Risks in Cybersecurity - Are You and Your Organization Prepared For the Next Cyber Threat?


April 13th 2016: Leveraged Lending - Current Outlook and Risk Considerations


March 9th 2016: Annual Chief Risk Officers Roundtable


February 4th 2016: Senior Leadership Perspectives on the Evolving Risk and Regulatory Landscape


January 13th 2016: Chief Data Officers Roundtable


November 18th 2015: The Rise of Shadow Banking


October 14th 2015: Recovery and Resolution: The Evolution of Planning , Policy and Practice


September 16th 2015: Systemic Risk: Critical Considerations for Risk Managers in Precarious Times


April 22nd 2015: Risk Culture: An Essential Element of Successful Enterprise Risk Management


February 18th 2015: Senior Regulatory Leadership Perspective


January 14th 2015: FMUs: Issues Challenging Risk Management and Regulators


December 12th 2014: Education Breakfast: Contemporary Enterprise Risk Management


November 19th 2014: Hedge Fund Risk Management: Recent Developments, Emerging Issues and Red Flags


October 27th 2014: Stress Testing; Capital, Liquidity and Risk Appetite


September 17th 2014: Cybersecurity: A Critical Element to Enterprise Risk Management


May 21st 2014: Enterprise Risk Management: Synchronizing Business Strategy With Risk Appetite


April 23rd 2014: Annual Chief Risk Officers Roundtable


February 12th 2014: Hedge Fund Risk Management - Perspectives in Today's Environment


January 15th 2014: Financial Market Utilities: Designed to Survive and Too Important to Fail?


November 13th 2013: The Evolving Regulatory Framework: The Increasing Focus on Systemic Risk 


September 17th 2013: Untangling the Risk Data Morass - Today's Challenges for Risk Managers to Obtain Accurate and Useful Data