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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions not addressed here, please contact SETA Staff and we will add them or clarify existing posts.

How do I join SETA?

Click here to access the SETA Member Management System. If you already have a profile, you can use your email and password to log in on the left-hand side. If you do not have a profile, you can create one on the right-hand side. Once you are in the Member Management System, you may purchase a membership under the "My Profile" tab at the top. You can also edit your profile and change your password on this page.

If I'm not a member, can I still receive information about SETA?

Yes, follow the instructions above for joining SETA. Only you do not need to purchase a membership. Simply creating a profile will add you to our database. You will receive information about upcoming conferences, newsletters, etc.

What if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password, click the "Don't know your password?" link on the Member Management System home page. Then follow the instructions to reset your password.

I am not receiving emails from SETA.

Some email administrators have set up firewalls that prevent SETA emails from being delivered. We suggest the following actions:

  1. Check your spam folder for any missing emails.
  2. Whitelist SETA Emails. Some organizations block emails from particular servers. Check with your IT department administrator and ask to whitelist emails from SETA. Here are the specific addresses and domains:
  3. If you continue to miss emails from SETA, try adding an alternate email. Log into your profile and add an alternate email address (your personal email address) in the "CC Email Address" data field.

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