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USAWOA Job Bank  -  We have entered into an alliance with VetJobs to power the USAWOA Job Bank as a service to our members and your families. VetJobs is owned and operated by veterans for veterans. In January 2000, The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States exclusively sponsored and purchased ten percent of the company. Since then, VetJobs has garnered more veteran service organization endorsements than any other site. Major endorsements include the USAWOA, Vietnam Veterans of America, the Naval Reserve Association and the Veterans of Modern Warfare. VetJobs makes it easy to reach transitioning military, National Guard, Reserve Component Members and veterans that have separated over the last several decades and are now productive members of the civilian work force in all disciplines, and their family members. VetJobs is a leading source for candidates with security clearances! There are NO charges to the "United States Military Family" for using VetJobs.


For the eighth year in a row VetJobs has been chosen for the WEDDLE's User's Choice Award (! This award marks VetJobs as one of the top 30 job boards out of over 200,000 career sites on the Internet and one of only five job boards that have received this prestigious award eight years in a row!  Visit the Veteran Jobs now. 



 Sprint/Nextel Employee Value Program


Sprint/Nextel offers a 15% discount off monthly service charges to all USAWOA Members and their families, as well as waived activation fees and one free month of service. Visit where you can add the discount, upgrade their phones, or start new service. This website is also currently listed on the AKO “Slick Deals For Soldiers” - see more .




USAWOA Tuition Grant


Grantham University welcomes USAWOA members. Members in good standing can take advantage of a special tuition rate of $250 per credit hour. Required textbooks and software are covered, at no additional cost to the student, by a textbook and technology grant. Proof of membership is required to apply for the tuition grant - see more.




History of the Warrant Officer


Provided by the Warrant Officers Heritage Foundation, this online history includes the origin of the warrant officer and a detailed history of the Army Warrant Officer. It is arranged in chronological order and updated continuously with historical information and pictures. It also contains links to the Warrant Officer Programs of the other U. S. Uniformed Services and to many other Warrant Officer historical resources - see more.





Discount Car Rentals





Go to or call 800-354-2322

(ID #194337) (Rate Code BY)

Go to

or call 800-227-7368

(ID # 5453809)


Go to or call 800-698-5685

(ID #  T682300)



Go to  

or call 800-736-8222

(Enter "16VCL18 VICE 1027576" in the PIN block)

Go to

or call 800-654-3131,

(CDP # 71794)




   Providing financial services to USAWOA and it's members including support
to USAWOA Annual Meetings and other events,hosting
USAWOA Online since September. 1996, and more, plus featuring the - - -


VISA Affinity Classic & Platium Cards with USAWOA Logo on the card

No annual fee, Low rates, Automatic dues payments, worth looking into!

For more information call  PFCU at 1-800-247-5626 - or -  contact USAWOA,

462 Herndon Pkwy, Ste 207, Herndon, VA 20170-5235,

or Send email to Home Office, or call 1-800-587-2962



The PenFed Premium Travel Rewards American Express (R) Card

Apply Today 800-732-8268 or


Go to Pentagon Federal Credit Union site to see other services they offer.


Also see  the great work the Pentagon Federal Credit Union Foundation is doing!






GEICO Auto Insurance, call 800-225-7116

(Via Pentagon Federal Credit Union. USAWOA membership earns you a discount)



Family Member Scholarships

The USAWOA Scholarship Foundation conducts various fund raising events. Substantial portions of the proceeds are set aside for the scholarship program. From these funds the Foundation awards scholarships of not less than $1,000 each to deserving and qualified applicants.


Grantham University Online Scholarships are also available to a limited number of USAWOA Members and their family members on an annual basis.


The Scholarship Programs are administered by the non-profit USAWOA Scholarship Foundation. See the Foundation's Scholarship Program Fact Sheet  for more information, application criteria, forms, and past scholarship winners. The application period for all Scholarships opens on January 1 and closes May 1 annually.


See more information about the USAWOA Scholarship Foundation and its programs.



Discount Subscriptions to Army Times

Get Free Access to



USAWOA has an agreement for discount subscriptions to the ARMY TIMES for our members. Additionally, the ARMY TIMES remits $5.00 to USAWOA per subscription or renewal - providing added support for our association. Subscribe or renew your subscription by calling 1-800-368-5718 or renewing through the mail. In both cases be sure to mention Discount Code Number "JWLNHA."





USAWOA Home Office accepts the following credit cards -

for Memberships, Renewals, Fund Raisers and memorabilia purchases.




We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards.  We cannot process ATM or debit cards, however we can accept a credit/debit card as long as the credit side allows the card to be used without a pin number.




  • In most cases, you and your family receive discounts for using the above services.

  • In some cases USAWOA receives a rebate from it's affinity service providers.

  • Using those service providers provides additional financial support to USAWOA.


Dues alone are not enough to provide the services you, the members, deserve!

Make a Donation to USAWOA, Scholarship Foundation and/or WO Heritage Foundation.


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