PsyR Connections

PRA's quarterly e-newsletter, PsyR Connections, is available to members to keep them up to date on all of the activities of the organization and the field of psychiatric rehabilitation. Articles are submitted by PRA members and offer valuable insight to help you with your own programs.

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If you are interested in submitting an article for the next issue of PsyR Connections, please see the guidelines below. You can submit an article at any time by sending it to Casey Garner at

Article Guidelines:

  • Author must be a member of PRA
  • Clear relevance to field of psychiatric rehabilitation
  • 700 words or less; longer articles cannot be accepted
  • Provide web links to further information if applicable
  • Include photographs, logos, or other graphics if available; submissions with photographs will be given top priority
  • Adherence to PRA's language guidelines
  • Include author's full name(s), title, organization, and e-mail address