USPRA Approved Provider Program

USPRA's Approved Provider Program has been designed to identify and recognize high-quality continuing education providers who can deliver quality programs in many topics, through in-person or distance learning settings.

About the Program

Holding the CPRP credential is an affirmation of your achievement. You have invested a significant amount of time and money in knowledge and skill development. No doubt, you will want to retain your certification throughout your career. You spend a lot of money for continuing education. Sometimes you find that you spent your money wisely and other times you may find that you have invested time and money on a program that didn't live up to its marketing claims.

Several national organizations, including USPRA, review continuing education providers for program quality. Providers who pass these screenings meet stringent requirements for program development and management. While such approval is no guarantee that a particular course will meet your personal needs, you can be assured that the provider has been recognized for quality.

The USPRA Approved Provider Program evaluates continuing education providers on the following standards:

·        The provider’s mission, training history, and educational planning processes, and role of CPRPs in their planning process.

·        Accommodations for persons with disabilities.

·        Procedures for registration and record keeping.

·        The development of measurable, learner-centered objectives

·        Content pertinent to the practice of psychiatric rehabilitation.

·        Instructors who meet qualification criteria.

·        Effective evaluation procedures.

Just because a company advertises continuing education as relevant to the human service profession doesn't mean that the program will be appropriate and acceptable for CPRP continuing education credit. Attending courses created by approved providers will increase the likelihood that your training interests and needs will be met. Check out our USPRA Approved Provider Calendar of Events!

Six Good Reasons Why You Should Become an Approved Provider

  • Your acceptance acknowledges you as a provider of high quality continuing education relevant to CPRPs and those preparing to take the CPRP exam.
  • A FREE listing of your training activities on USPRA’s website.
  • You will receive added prestige and recognition due to USPRA's promotion of the Provider Program.
  • Your commitment to educational quality for the future of the profession. 
  • A FREE link from USPRA's website to the approved provider's home page. 
  • Available in two convenient formats: Pre-approved educational activity and approved provider status. See FAQ's below to determine which format is best for your organization!

Apply Now!

If you are interested in becoming either a continuing education provider or an approved provider for a single activity, please complete the enclosed application with attachments and submit it to USPRA for review. Please be sure to review the enclosed application manual. The USPRA staff will review your application and notify you of your provider status. When approved, you will receive your provisional provider number and the expiration date of your status.


Approved Provider Program Application Manual (PDF)

Approved Provider Application Form (Word)


Application for Pre-Approval of an Educational Activity (Word)



Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions first. For more information about the Approved Provider Program or your application, please contact us at

Calendar of Approved Events

Learn more about writing learning objectives with this article from Boston University's Spring 2010 Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal!   (Posted with permission from PRJ)