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Raising Expectations: Raising Outcomes

Original date: April 8, 2009


Presenters:  Gene Johnson and Lori Ashcraft of Recovery Innovations


Summary:  Recovery Innovations’ Founder Mr. Gene Johnson and Executive Director Dr. Lori Ashcraft will present their experience in an organization that has been transformed from a mission of “stabilization and maintenance” to a mission of “creating recovery opportunities and environments.”  We no longer settle for programs or services with low expectations that simply sustain the status quo or “manage” others. Mr. Johnson and Dr. Ashcraft will share how to create and implement plans to provide outcomes that result in significant changes. These outcomes include increasing quality of life by developing high expectations along with the tools to succeed in both recovery and levels of wellness.  From early in the transformation, leadership must consider the vision of recovery to be the driving force for change.


Mr. Johnson and Dr. Ashcraft will share their experience of how they addressed this transformation within Recovery Innovations; for the person served, their organization, and the system. They will also share ideas that may be replicated and expanded to fit other organizations while increasing the self-reliance and belief that recovery can be real for each individual receiving services. Creating recovery leadership and a well-trained peer workforce that grows a recovery culture promotes high expectations resulting in better outcomes. Formal guidelines and rigorous and continuous training are practical instruments that reinforce recovery environments and opportunities.


Recognized as a leader in developing and delivering recovery opportunities, Recovery Innovations has provided recovery training and consultation services in 27 states and four countries abroad. The Recovery Innovations Peer Employment Training has trained over 3,000 Peer Support Specialists in 16 states and three countries outside the U.S. Over 750 peers have been employed in Recovery Innovations companies in dedicated peer support roles serving as a powerful catalyst for transformation.


Learning Objectives:


1.    Describe how a vision that raises expectations can create recovery opportunities for those served.

2.    Provide examples of how staff can help people using services set higher expectations for recovery outcomes.

3.    Relate how the power of a peer workforce is a tool for hope and transformation.

4.    Explain how an expectation of recovery can shift from a disability culture to a culture of empowerment.


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