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Dealing with Stigma and Disclosure of Psychiatric Disability in the Workplace

Original date: October 15, 2008  


Presenter: Kim MacDonald-Wilson, Sc.D., CRC, CPRP


Summary: Many people in recovery have concerns about telling an employer about their mental health condition, especially when they experience internal stigma and expect to face external stigma in the workplace. In addition, few have the information that they need to be protected against discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act or know how to handle disclosure decisions. This webinar will review potential sources of stigma, the benefits and risks to disclosure, and present procedures for deciding about disclosure and handling disclosure in the workplace.


Learning Objectives:

1.    Describe potential sources of stigma affecting disclosure

2.    Identify the benefits and risks to disclosure

3.    Describe a process for deciding about disclosure

4.    Identify strategies for disclosing – the WHY, WHAT TO SAY, TO WHOM, WHEN



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