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Thank you for dedicating your life to helping others. The work you do affirms that recovery from serious mental illness is possible. You are joined by thousands of other like-minded people who believe every individual has an unalienable right to a fulfilling life. 


A career in psychiatric rehabilitation can be challenging—and we are here to try to make your job a little easier. The US Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (USPRA) offers the essential tools, a vibrant community, and exceptional learning that enhance every aspect of your professional development. We connect great ideas and great people and then add the most comprehensive collection of psychiatric rehabilitation resources found anywhere.


Once again, thank you for demonstrating how psychiatric rehabilitation positively changes and transforms the lives of persons with psychiatric disabilities to one of hope, self-determination, empowerment and recovery. Together, we promote a world in which individuals with mental illness can recover to achieve successful and satisfying lives in the working, learning and social environments of their choice. 


We encourage you to explore the many ways USPRA can assist you:



Whether you attend USPRA's Annual Conference, live training events, or you take advantage of our online training opportunities, you'll be guaranteed to remain at the forefront of psychiatric rehabilitation. Learn More


One of the main purposes of USPRA is to serve as a vehicle for communication, increased understanding, and research utilization, and to promote the concept and role of community-oriented psychiatric rehabilitation as essential to mental health services. Learn More



The Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner credential (CPRP) is a test-based certification that fosters the growth of a qualified, ethical, and culturally diverse psychiatric rehabilitation workforce through enforcement of a practitioner code of ethics. Learn More

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