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Is your organization seeking on-site psychiatric rehabilitation training
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USPRA recognizes that ongoing training is a strong predictor of quality psychiatric rehabilitation programs. USPRA has established a Trainer Registry to ensure that relevant and high quality professional development opportunities are available nationwide to individuals working in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation.


USPRA’s Trainer Registry is comprised of individuals who provide training in psychiatric rehabilitation.  Not only can USPRA link trainers to organizations requesting on-site training, but we will be allowing trainers the opportunity to network and improve their skills.


If you have a specific training need for a group of 12 or more people, we will attempt to find a qualified trainer for that topic. Some training topics we can assist in linking training with trainers include:

  • CPRP prep
  • Ethics
  • Person-centered planning
  • Specific training in any one practice domain of the CPRP


There is no finite per-day training fee.  When we receive a request, USPRA will work to match the organization with a trainer who has the requested expertise.  The specific fees will be determined after considering the size of the training group, experience of the trainer, and budgetary requirements of the organization.


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