Vermont Veterinary Medical Association

Vermont Veterinary Medical Association Foundation, Inc.

The Vermont Veterinary Medical Association Foundation, Inc. (VVMAF) is a non-profit charitable organization whose main mission is to award scholarships to deserving Vermont veterinary students in their senior year who plan to return to Vermont to practice.  Established in 2011 under the auspices of the Vermont Veterinary Medical Association, the VVMAF is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  It is supported by donations from veterinarians and the New England Veterinary Medical Association. More information on the VVMAF.

The VVMA Foundation will be accepting applications for the 2020/2021 academic year in the spring of 2020. We have extended the application deadline to July 31, 2020 in light of the COVID-19 crisis and possible delays in the school year.  Here is the application and letter to students.