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Past Presentations

2019 US Annual Meeting - New York, NY

Is Climate Change Real? What Does the Data Tell Us?

A Climate Modeler, Real Estate CEO and Mayor Walk into a Bar: Public-Private Partnerships for Urban Climate Risk Management in Boston

How does FEMA promote climate resilience?

  • Andrew Martin, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Panel Discussion: Weather risks faced by US communities

How is the city of New York managing climate risk?

Should climate risk be recognized in the assessment of financial and credit risk?

Panel Discussion: How can the insurance sector support the management and transfer of climate risk?

  • Moderator:Martin Malinow, Sompo Global Weather
  • Tanguy Touffut, Descartes Underwriting
  • Diego Monsalve, Marsh
  • Bill Windle, Munich Re Trading LLC
  • Julian Roberts, Willis Towers Watson

2018 Regional Meeting - Tokyo, Japan

The Economics of Weather: A How-To Guide to the Weather Risk Management Market

Weather Insurance and Weather Derivatives: Japanese Law and Regulation

Weather Market Fundamentals​

Weather Data

Weather Forecasts

Structuring and Pricing

Meteorological Settlement Data

Conference Keynote: 5th Strategic Energy Plan​

Tokyo Commodity Exchange: Market Liberalization/ Commoditization

Retail Energy Perspectives and Opportunities – Domestic and International

The Japanese Electricity Market – A perspective on Retail Deregulation and Renewable Generation​

Operational Weather Risk Management: Demonstration of JMA’s Predictive and Observational Capabilities​

Synergy Effect Between WNI’s Forecasting/Detailed Analysis and Risk Communication Service of the Clients​

International Weather Risk Roundup: Real-World Case Studies

2018 European Meeting - Rome, Italy

Overview of Wind Indices: How Indices are Designed and Settled

Deal Capture / Risk Management

Panel Discussion: How to Apply Wind Indices in Prop Trading & Risk Management for Thermal and Renewable Assets and Retail Businesses

-Agriculture Focus-

Overview of Traditional Insurance Products

History and Context of Weather Risk Management

Weather Data

Structuring Pricing

Legal and Regulatory Overview: Insurance Focus

-Energy Focus-

Weather Risk Management: A Utility Approach

Managing Weather Exposure of Retail and Trading Portfolios; Applying Temperature and Weather-Contingent Energy Products

Hedging Weather-contingent Natural Gas Demand in Europe with Quantos and Potential Extensions to Global LNG Markets

International Perspective: Weather Hedging Experiences from Australia and North America

  • Moderator: Martin Malinow, Sompo Global Weather
  • Panelist: Daniel Teng, Origin Energy
  • Panelist: Bill Windle, Munich Re
  • Panelist: Chris Chamberlain, AGL Energy

-Agriculture Case Studies-

Session 1 – Focus on Italian Agriculture – Existing Programs and Opportunities

Session 2 – European Perspectives

Winter Outlook

2018 Annual Meeting - Miami, FL

Recent High-Impact US Weather Event Round Table: The Future is Now, Risk Management in a Non-Stationary Environment

Identifying and Mitigating Ocean Risk: Ubiquitous Challenges and Opportunities

WRMA’s 2nd Annual - The Economics of Weather, A Student Conference​

Demystifying Remotely Sensed Rainfall Products: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Comparisons with Traditional In-Situ Observations

Summer 2018 Forecast and Winter 2018/19 Early View

Beyond ENSO:  New Signals of Seasonal to Interannual Predictability of Surface Climate and Extreme Weather Events

  • Judith Curry, Climate Forecast Applications Network (CFAN)

2017 European Meeting - London, UK

2017 US Annual Meeting - Chicago, IL

2016 European Meeting - Prague, Czech Republic

2016 Regional Meeting - London, UK: WRMA-Thomson Reuters 

2016 US Annual Meeting - Miami, FL: Annual Meeting Presentations




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