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Past Presentations

2018 Regional Meeting - Tokyo, Japan

The Economics of Weather: A How-To Guide to the Weather Risk Management Market

Weather Insurance and Weather Derivatives: Japanese Law and Regulation

Weather Market Fundamentals​

Weather Data

Weather Forecasts

Structuring and Pricing

Meteorological Settlement Data

Conference Keynote: 5th Strategic Energy Plan​

Tokyo Commodity Exchange: Market Liberalization/ Commoditization

Retail Energy Perspectives and Opportunities – Domestic and International

The Japanese Electricity Market – A perspective on Retail Deregulation and Renewable Generation​

Operational Weather Risk Management: Demonstration of JMA’s Predictive and Observational Capabilities​

Synergy Effect Between WNI’s Forecasting/Detailed Analysis and Risk Communication Service of the Clients​

International Weather Risk Roundup: Real-World Case Studies

2018 European Meeting - Rome, Italy

Overview of Wind Indices: How Indices are Designed and Settled

Deal Capture / Risk Management

Panel Discussion: How to Apply Wind Indices in Prop Trading & Risk Management for Thermal and Renewable Assets and Retail Businesses

-Agriculture Focus-

Overview of Traditional Insurance Products

History and Context of Weather Risk Management

Weather Data

Structuring Pricing

Legal and Regulatory Overview: Insurance Focus

-Energy Focus-

Weather Risk Management: A Utility Approach

Managing Weather Exposure of Retail and Trading Portfolios; Applying Temperature and Weather-Contingent Energy Products

Hedging Weather-contingent Natural Gas Demand in Europe with Quantos and Potential Extensions to Global LNG Markets

International Perspective: Weather Hedging Experiences from Australia and North America

  • Moderator: Martin Malinow, Sompo Global Weather
  • Panelist: Daniel Teng, Origin Energy
  • Panelist: Bill Windle, Munich Re
  • Panelist: Chris Chamberlain, AGL Energy

-Agriculture Case Studies-

Session 1 – Focus on Italian Agriculture – Existing Programs and Opportunities

Session 2 – European Perspectives

Winter Outlook

2018 Annual Meeting - Miami, FL

Recent High-Impact US Weather Event Round Table: The Future is Now, Risk Management in a Non-Stationary Environment

Identifying and Mitigating Ocean Risk: Ubiquitous Challenges and Opportunities

WRMA’s 2nd Annual - The Economics of Weather, A Student Conference​

Demystifying Remotely Sensed Rainfall Products: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Comparisons with Traditional In-Situ Observations

Summer 2018 Forecast and Winter 2018/19 Early View

Beyond ENSO:  New Signals of Seasonal to Interannual Predictability of Surface Climate and Extreme Weather Events

  • Judith Curry, Climate Forecast Applications Network (CFAN)

2017 European Meeting - London, UK

2017 US Annual Meeting - Chicago, IL

2016 European Meeting - Prague, Czech Republic

2016 Regional Meeting - London, UK: WRMA-Thomson Reuters 

2016 US Annual Meeting - Miami, FL: Annual Meeting Presentations




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