Please provide your "work" e-mail address and password to login. Don't create duplicate records using a home and work email. This confuses the system which may have you receiving "member benefits" under one email address but not the other. 

​RHCs or non-RHCs are members, not the hospital. Individuals who work for the member RHC (or have authority over, i.e. the hospital CEO), are entitled to receive benefits. The individuals must be "tied" to the proper member entity to receive benefits. If the system is not recognizing your member status, please contact admin@narhc.org or call 866-306-1961.

For Membership RENEWALS (past members), the primary contact must log in & then go to My Acct/My Transactions/Pay Open Orders.  You must be on the "organizational" profile or shopping on behalf of the org to see Membership Invoices.  If no invoice, you can just go shopping for one in the NARHC store or call us 866-306-1961. Renewal Invoices are created in October for the Jan.-Dec. membership year.


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