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BB. Cultivating Cultural Awareness & Competence in Music Therapy
(Event: 2018 AMTA Conference, "Music Therapy for a Growing World")

Nov 15, 2018 1:30 pm - Nov 15, 2018 6:30 pm
Session Type: Additional Course
Track: .


Music therapists have the unique opportunity to provide culturally sensitive treatment through use of the iso-principle. This presentation will divulge how music therapists can increase cultural awareness and ethics in their assessment, implementation, and evaluation. Suggestions for emphasizing cultural competency in academic programs will also be included in this presentation.


Participants will identify ways to increase cultural competency throughout the treatment process. (BCD II.A.5.ac; BCD I.B.4.d; BCD I.C.4; BCD III.B.3; BCD I.D.9; BCD II.A.4.b)

Participants will articulate several of the subtleties of cultural discrimination. (BCD IV.B.4)

Participants will identify ways to ethically incorporate cultural competency into music therapy programs. (BCD IV.B.4)

Participants will articulate the ethical rationale for cultivating an environment of cultural awareness within their clinical practice and/or academia. (BCD IV.B.4, 12)


Introduction, Presenters cultural background, & AMTA & CBMT domains that reference culture: 10 min
Defining culture: 10 min
Introduction to Culture-Centered Music Therapy: 10 min
Defining cultural competence: 10 min
Culturally-sensitive approach in therapy: 10 min
(10 min break)
Experiential eastern improvisation (orff and vocal improv): 10 min
Diversity in academia: 5 min
Suggestions for maximizing education in diversity in academia: 10 min
Cultural competence in internship: 5 min
Cultural competence in Professional Practice: 5 min
Experiential cultural diversity fusion: 15 min
(10 min break)
Intro to incorporating cultural competencies in treatment process: 10 min
Cultural competence in assessment: 5 min
Cultural competence in developing goals & objs: 5 min
Cultural competence in administration of treatment: 10 min
Music therapy to increase engagement of diverse clientele: 5 min
Community music therapy for increased engagement: 5 min
Cultural competence in documentation: 5 min
Cultural competence in termination: 5 min
(10 min break)
Experiential introduction to cultural similarities: 10 min
Introduction to sub-cultures: 5 min
Racial, ethnic, regional sub-cultures: 10 min
Sub-cultures related to social condition: 10 min
Various sub-culture experiential: 15min
(10 min break)
Introduction to ethics in cultural competence: 5 min
Ethical implications: 5 min
Ethical dilemma group work/discussion: 40 min)
(10 min wrap-up, evaluations, etc)




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