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J. The Ethical Music Therapist: Decision Making for a Growing World
(Event: 2018 AMTA Conference, "Music Therapy for a Growing World")

Nov 14, 2018 7:15 pm - Nov 14, 2018 10:15 pm
Session Type: Additional Course
Track: .


Ethics is integral to clinical practice in music therapy. Combining didactic, experiential, and small group work, participants will define “Ethical Music Therapist;” identify tools for making ethical decisions; and apply Dileo’s Model for Ethical Decision Making to ethical dilemmas in clinical practice, social media, working with students/interns, and professional relationships.  3 credit course. 3 credits may be applied to CBMT's ethics requirement. 


1. Participants will define what it means to be an “Ethical Music Therapist” (BCD IV.A.1-7; IV.B.1-20).
2. Participants will identify one tool (e.g., Codes of Ethics) that can be used in making ethical decisions (BCD IV.B.1-20).
3. Participants will identify one ethical dilemma relevant to their area(s) of clinical or professional practice (BCD IV.A.1).
4. Participants will apply Dileo’s Model for Ethical Decision Making to an ethical dilemma provided by the presenters in at least one of the following areas: clinical practice (BCD IV.B.4); working with students and interns (BCD IV.B.11); use of social media (BCD IV.B.10); and professional relationships (BCD IV.B.8).


10 minutes: Introductions and Overview
50 minutes: Presentation of Material:
The Ethical Music Therapist (20 minutes)
Model for Ethical Decision Making (30 minutes)
15-minute BREAK
90 minutes: Ethical Applications
(applying decision making model to 4 vignettes: introduce the vignette; 10 minutes: apply model; 5 minutes: review ethical points; 5 minutes: further discussion)
15 minutes Session Evaluations



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