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H. Culturally Responsive Music Therapy Supervision: Reflexivity and Ethical Practice
(Event: 2019 AMTA Conference - Innovate! Integrate! Motivate!)

Nov 20, 2019 9:00 am - Nov 20, 2019 5:00 pm
Session Type: Additional Course
Track: .


Explore culturally responsive music therapy supervision and diverse perspectives and practical applications. Discuss issues related to racialization, gender identities, sexual orientation, disability, class, religion, age, language, and their multiple intersections, location of the self in therapy and navigating difficult dialogues about power, privilege, and difference.


Define culturally responsive clinical practice and identify at least 3 MT standards of cultural competence.  [I.B.4.d. Identify client’s cultural and spiritual background, when indicated; I.D.9. Consider client’s age, culture, language, music background, and preferences when designing music therapy experiences; II.A.4.b. Recognize how the following music therapy treatment approach and model informs clinical practice: culture-centered]

Identify 5-10 core supervisor competencies.

Outline the 3 interaction styles in Helm’s model of supervisor/trainee social interaction and how these impact the supervisory relationship and process.
[IV.A.5. Seek out and utilize supervision and/or consultation; IV.B.11. Supervise staff, volunteers, practicum students, or interns]

Identify at least 2 personal areas of cultural bias and limitations in interpreting information in the supervisory and clinical context.
 [III.B.3 Acknowledge therapist’s bias and limitations in interpreting information (e.g., cultural differences, clinical orientation); IV.B.4. Interact with the client in an authentic, ethical, and culturally competent manner that respects privacy, dignity, and human rights]


10 mins     Introduction of presenters and outline of day
30 mins     Experientials
                        - What we do not see
                        - The story of my name/Presentations and Performances
                        - Gender circles
20 mins     Theoretical background
                        - The subordinate nature of MT theory and praxis and cultural
                        - MT standards of cultural competence
                        - Multicultural Counseling Theory (MCT)
                        - Potential of MCT in MT
Short Break
15 mins     Music Therapy Supervision
                        - Current standards / requirements in MT
                        - Core Supervisor Competencies
                        - Multicultural Relational Perspective (MRP) in training and
15 mins     Person of the Therapist Model
30 mins     Experientials
                        - I am….
                        - Identity mapping
                        - Who am I?
Short Break
20 mins     Locating of Self and Trainee: developmental frameworks of cultural
35 mins     Social power and privilege
                        - Helm’s model of supervisor/trainee social interaction
                        - Ridley’s Cultural defense dynamics
10 mins     Experiential
                        - Softening meditation
40 mins     Resources to facilitate trainee’s cultural responsiveness
                        - Cultural genograms
                        - Critical genograms
Short Break
30 mins     Musical resources to facilitate trainee’s cultural responsiveness
                        - Musical cultural presentations
                        - Cross cultural listening logs
40 mins     Experiential
                        - Artistic cultural self-reflexivity
Short Break
20 mins     Other strategies to facilitate trainee’s cultural responsiveness
                        - Supervision Informed Consent Agreement
                        - Modeling Vulnerability
                        - Reflexive Journaling
                        - Encourage “both/and” Thinking
                        - Addressing Systems
                        - Mindfulness Strategies to Navigate tensions
                        - Cultural Immersion
20 mins     Intersecting social justice and music therapy: What can we do?
15 mins     Final wrap up and discussions



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