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S. A Toolbox: Developing Multisensory & Body Awareness in Populations with Multiple Disabilities
(Event: 2018 AMTA Conference, "Music Therapy for a Growing World")

Nov 15, 2018 9:30 am - Nov 15, 2018 12:30 pm
Session Type: Additional Course
Track: .


This course will present how to develop sensory and body awareness in individuals with severe to profound multiple disabilities through integration of musical and somatosensory stimuli. Specific treatment planning addressing clinical problems will be discussed. Participants will learn to assess clients' functional levels, and engage in a model treatment protocol.


1.    Participants will, verbally or in writing, describe how to observe the sensorimotor functional level of the client and create an environment conducive to client engagement.  (BCD.1.B.3,g and BCDI.D.8)

2.    Participants will perform at least three original songs created to provide musical experiences addressing clients' verbal and non-verbal expressions, sensory perception, and sensory integration. (BCD.II.A.2,ac, as, au)

3.    Participants will describe, verbally or in writing, the methods used to observe client responses and integrate musical and somatosensory stimuli. (BCDII.A.5,, q, r)

4.    Participants will practice and discuss at least two samples of written documentation related to the addressed interventions.  (BCDIII.A.7)


I. Introduction: Population and Clinical Problems. Statement of specifics of the program (15 minutes)
II. Experiential #1 (Goal: stimulate clinical thinking (LO#3) Two participants as clients. One gets only auditory stimulation, the
other gets a combination of auditory and somatosensory. The song is A Rainbow on My Shoulder. Two groups of observers write
down the observations of any body language in the "clients". Write notes on the flip chart and compare. Q: Are there any differences,
and WHY if there are any? (30 minutes)
10 minute break
III. Lecture (LO#1) Sensory and body awareness development: building blocks The fundamental paradigm summary Assessment and documentation (20 minutes)
Questions (5 minutes)
10 minute break
IV. Experiential #2: Opening the Toolbox: Using the Method (4 0 minutes.) Participants use and learn the method (LO#2)
10 minute break
V. Discussion 15 minutes (LO#4) Assessment and Documentation Q's: How would you dance with a person in a wheelchair? (Social
component and quality of life, alleviation of the isolation) How would you stimulate the sense of taction/other senses? How would you apply the new information (adapt) to your own practice and your own clients? How can this be done in a group? Evaluation 25 minutes



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