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DD. Collaborating with CCC-SLPs: 2 MT‑BC/CCC-SLPs Share Insights and Strategies to Support...
(Event: 2018 AMTA Conference, "Music Therapy for a Growing World")

Nov 15, 2018 1:30 pm - Nov 15, 2018 6:30 pm
Session Type: Additional Course
Track: .


Music therapists (MTs) and speech-language pathologists (SLPs) have a long history of successful collaboration. However, despite this fact and a growing body of evidence to support the use of music therapy in the treatment of communication delays and disorders, MTs face scrutiny and, at times, strained relationships with SLPs. The presenters, two MT-BC/CCC-SLPs with years of collaboration experience, provide strategies for working effectively with SLPs.


1. Participants will briefly and clearly summarize the similarities and differences between the scope-of-practice for the profession of music therapy and the profession of speech-language pathology. (CBMT Domain IV. B. 14)
2. Participants will identify specific resources within their required training and potential continuing education plans that are foundational to a basic and growing understanding of developmental milestones in communication as well as functional communication across the lifespan and in rehabilitation. (CBMT Domain I. B.3b.; II. A. 2p.; II. A. 2ai; II. A. 2av. ;II.A. 2ba,bb, bc)
3. Participants will identify and describe systems that will enable them to communicate with speech-language pathologists in an effective and efficient manner when seeking to engage collaboratively/through co-treatment, during goal-setting, during intervention development, and when generalizing clinical gains. (CBMT Domain IV. B.7,8)


Introduction and Overview (15 minutes)
Presentation of Material (30 minutes): Stories from the Field
Presentation of Material (20 minutes): We Know What You Know; Now Let's Talk About What You Don't Know
Break (10 minutes)
Presentation of Material (45 minutes): MT Scope and SLP Scope - Similarities and Differences
Break (10 minutes)
Presentation of Material (60 minutes): 1. Review of Communication Milestones and Fundamentals 2. Specific Strategies for a Successful Collaborative Relationship
Break (30 minutes)
Presentation of Material (35 minutes): Collaboration Examples
Breakout Groups (30 minutes): Personal Action Steps for Building Collaborative Relationships with CCC-SLPs
Course Evaluation (15 minutes)



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