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Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC Training
(Event: 2016 AMTA Conference - Under the Canopy: The Music Therapy Profession)

Nov 09, 2016 09:00 am - Nov 09, 2016 06:00 pm
Session Type: Special Training
Track: .


Drums Alive® Basic Instructor Certificate Training Specifically Designed for Music Therapists” offers an 8- hour extensive introduction to the vast possibilities of creative movement with drumming. This interactive and FUN “drums-on” training course is a functional approach for improving verbal and nonverbal facilitation skills, discovering new leadership and group management tools, and strengthening group and individual cultural drumming techniques. Training includes acquisition of ultra-practical Drums Alive® Basic Drumming Positions and Drumming Skills. All participants receive intensive experiential learning by practicing combining rhythmical drumming with meaningful locomotor and non-locomotor movements, cognitive processes, speech patterning, psychosocial experiences, and creative expression.  


  • 1. 1. Participants will experience and be able to identify specific health benefits of drumming with movement as well as therapeutic implications of incorporating Drums Alive® Programming. (BCD:  I.B3(a-h), 9-13;  I.D2(a)&10; IV.A2,3
  • 2. Participants will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of Client Safety Protocols, Drums Alive® Techniques, Class Formation/Set-Up, Class Design, Inclusion Strategies, and Equipment Maintenance. (BCD: I.B7-12; I.D8,11,12,15,16; II.A1.(a-e),2(a-bd), 5w; II.B4,5,7.)
  • 3. Participants will demonstrate proficiency in executing Basic Drums Alive® Drumming Positions, Skills, and Combined Drumming with Locomotor Movements while creating and designing Basic Drums Alive® Choreographies useful for attaining and reinforcing therapeutic goals and objectives. (BCD: I.D10,16; II.A.5(a,b,e,h,i.1.4.5.&, j-ac); II.B1-3; IV.A6.)  


8:30am Check In, Registration & Paperwork
9:00am Introductions, Housekeeping, Brief Intro to Benefits, Inclusivity, & Global Success
9:10am Overview & Brain Beats (Experiential Learning)
9:45am Intro to Drums Alive® Drumology (Theory & Practice - PowerPoint)
10:30am Water/Bathroom Break
10:45am Intro to Drums Alive® Practical Application & Drumming Skills
• Safety Protocols
• Room Set-Up
• Equipment
• Adaptive Materials
• Stick Skills
• Drumming: Base Positions
11:00am Mini Master Class: Basic & Rhythmical Drumming, Eye-Hand Coordination
11:40am Master Class: Warm Up, Cultural Drumming, Cardiovascular, Wellness, Cool Down
12:20pm Water/Bathroom Break
12:30pm Basic Drumming & Locomotor Skills
• Terminology
• Locomotor Movements
• Combining Drumming & Movements1:00pm LUNCH BREAK - Take Pictures
2:00pm Rhythm & Theory Application (Interactive & Experiential Learning)
• Rhythm Cards
• Speech Patterns
• Connecting R & L
• Medical Coordination
• Adding Cognition
2:30pm Drums Alive® Scientific Research, Theory, & Class Design (PowerPoint)
3:00pm Practical Experience: Basic Skills, Working with Music, Creating Choreography
3:45pm Water/Bathroom Break
4:00pm Practical Exam
4:30pm Adding Formation Work, Psychosocial Experiences, Musical Interpretation, &
Creative Expression using DRUMTASTIC® Lesson Plans (Interactive Learning)
5:15pm Inclusion Strategies, Modifications, Potential Applications & Outcomes
5:30pm Oakridge Service Project (DVD)
5:40pm Written Exam, Course Evals, Certificates, ACE CECs, AFAA CEUs, & CMTEs
6:00pm Thank You & Congratulations!



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