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CMTE D Advancing Hospice Music Therapy Documentation: Regulations, Guidelines, & You
(Event: 2017 AMTA Conference - A Mindful Approach to Music Therapy)

Nov 16, 2017 07:30 am - Nov 16, 2017 12:30 pm
Session Type: CMTE Course
Track: .


Professional hospice music therapists know the basics of quality clinical documentation, but may not fully understand which agencies regulate hospices, the specifics of these regulations, and the details of hospice Medicare eligibility requirements for each diagnosis. This knowledge is critical to help avoid loss of music therapy jobs and hospice agency closures. Advanced knowledge regarding hospice regulators, eligibility requirements for all diagnoses (LCD guidelines), and specific documentation requirements will be shared. 5 CMTE credits available.

Pre-requisite – participants will be required to view a 15-20 minute video prior to the beginning of the session.  A link to the video will be emailed after registration and before the conference begins.

Learner Objectives:

1) Gain awareness of current hospice regulators, their roles, what they review, and how music therapy documentation is affected (CBMT Domains III. A. 6; IV.B. 9, 10, 13, 18).

2) Understand factors and guidelines related to accurately documenting music therapy outcomes within the context of disease process related decline for specific diagnoses (CBMT Domains I. C. 2; III. A. 3, 6, 7; IV. B. 1, 18).

3) State other important factors including and related to treatment planning and care plan updates for hospice patients. (CBMT Domains 1. D. 3, 17.; III. B. 4, 5)


The Basics: An overview (10 minutes)
o Purpose of Presentation
o Documenting Decline WHILE documenting positive outcomes
o Importance of MT as part of the “useable/accessible” medical record
o Why the emphasis on Medicare?

Regulators, Surveyors, and You—Who they are and What they Want- (50 minutes)
o Fiscal Intermediaries (map)
o State health care agencies
o Medicare Integrity Contractors
o Hospice Accreditation Agencies/Bodies
o Others
o “Flags” for regulators (length of stay, hospice in facilities, levels of care)

Why this Matters to the Music Therapist (20 minutes)
o MTs’ role in clinical documentation
§ Beyond our interventions and outcomes
o Begins with format of documentation

BREAK (15 minutes)

The Hospice Medicare Benefit- How it’s designed and implemented- (40 minutes)
o What it is
o How it’s designed
§ Based on Cancer
§ How the trajectory of non-cancer diagnoses differ from cancer and how this affects documentation
o Benefit/recertification periods (duration and qualification)
§ The PPS (Palliative Performance Scale)
o Guidelines established for non-cancer diagnoses by Fiscal Intermediaries: LCD Guidelines

The LCD (Local Coverage Determination Guidelines)- (65 minutes)
o Guidelines for non-cancer diagnoses
o Where to find
§ Discussion of each will include key documentation phrases, concepts, descriptions of specific diseases and related scales, etc.
• Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders- 20 minutes
o The FAST scale
• Cardiopulmonary Conditions- 15 minutes
o NYHA Scale
• HIV disease – 5 minutes
• Liver disease- 5 minutes
• Neurological conditions- 10 minutes
• Renal Care- 5 minutes
• Adult Failure to Thrive- 5 minutes
o Debility Unspecified no longer used

BREAK (20 minutes)

Other Issues Affecting Documentation: (20 minutes)
oRelationships/Documentation in Facilities
o Conditions of Participation and IDT documentation/attendance
o Pain assessment
o Scope of Practice and consistency amongst disciplines (scales, reading others’ doc, etc.)
o Levels of Care (Respite, GIP, Routine, Continuous Care)
o Consistency with agency policies
o Plan of care as a “living” document
o CBMT Domains (requirements of our profession)

Practice and Questions! (45 minutes- 10 min. questions, 25 min. practice, 10 min. review)

EVALUATIONS (15 minutes)




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