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PDC B4: Fan Out Packaging Evolution & Complexity (3:30-5:30pm)
(Event: IMAPS 2017 - 50th International Symposium on Microelectronics)

Oct 09, 2017 3:30pm - Oct 09, 2017 5:30pm
Session Type: PDC



PM5: Adhesion Science & Practice with an Emphasis on Temporary Bonding of Electronics (Wafers, Displays, Devices)

PDC Instructor: John Moore, Daetec, LLC & Jared Pettit, Alman Law, Alex Brewer

$400 (on/before 9/30/2015); $500 (after 9/30/2015)


Course Description: Adhesion plays an important role in many technologies and industries, viz., automotive, thin films, optics, soldering, printing, medical, coatings, paint and so on. Adhering two materials requires several properties to be coordinated in the form of chemistry and mechanical processing to achieve a good bond. Understanding these factors and controlling them during manufacturing is important for success. Bond durability (exposure to process chemicals, moisture, corrosives, etc.) is valuable to sustain the life of the product.  The following will be discussed: surface contamination and cleaning, material science, substrate physical-chemical condition, theories and mechanisms of adhesion, measurements as contact angle, wettability, adhesion tests on coatings or bonded films, interfacial 
interactions, surface modification, adhesion promoters, adhesion aspects of thin films, adhesive force measurement.


The class will be an application-oriented tutorial that focuses on substrates, films, testing, adhesive films & tapes, coating and bonding adhesives, with applications of temporarily bonding wafers, displays, and small die.  Onsite demonstrations include substrate bonding and measurement of adhesion force using materials with various tensile and elastic properties.  Separation of substrates will be defined by form and composition (rigid and flexible, organic and inorganic). Onsite equipment will be used in conjunction with class members creating temporary bonds on parts with challenging configurations.


Who Should Attend? Packaging scientists, engineers, managers, and others charged with responsibilities related to substrate or component bonding that is permanent or temporary.


Daetec’s engineering team conducts this class to facilitate a highly interactive “hands-on” setting.  Jared Pettit is technical director at Daetec, has co-authored many publications and patents in the area of coatings and cleaners.  He, along with Alman Law, and Alex Brewer, hold degrees in chemistry of different disciplines.  Their focus is on applications of coating, adhesion, and the effects of interfacial chemistry. John Moore is founder of Daetec, his third company, providing new products for the electronics market. In the last 10yrs, he has created some of the leading temporary bonding products for the industry.  Mr. Moore performed his graduate work at UCSB in chemistry.

Daetec is an internationally recognized company specializing in areas of temporary bonding and cleaning.  For the past 15yrs, the company has created solutions for thin substrates down to 4um, encapsulating 300um bumps, or resisting temperatures to 450C.  Daetec’s customers include top suppliers and fabs in microelectronics manufacturing.  


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