Session Details

Pre-Conference Workshop B: Eye to Eye – Discussing Sensitive Topics with Youth
(Event: 88th Annual School Health Conference)

Oct 09, 2014 01:00pm - Oct 09, 2014 04:00pm
Session Type: Workshop


Presented by Students from the Oregon School-Based Health Youth Advisory Council


Adults and teens don’t always speak the same language, particularly when it comes to discussing sensitive topics. This creates a disconnect for youth, who are very concerned with confidentiality, approachability, and the quality of communication they receive. Based on the highly effective Adolescent Health Care Communication Project, this training presents youth as experts and is done in two parts. Part A youth discuss the importance of confidentiality, a non-judgmental attitude, and body language and speech that resonate with teens. Part B is a hands-on session that gives participants an opportunity to practice their interpersonal skills as youth trainers role-play a teen "character" presenting issues common to their peers. After performing their characters the youth trainers offer feedback to the providers on the questions asked, body language, listening skills, information provided, and confidentiality, along with other important forms of communication.


Level: Introductory


Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn and practice skills that increase effectiveness of communicating with youth about sensitive topics
  2. Describe verbal/body language that creates barriers to open conversations
  3. Identify assumptions that impact interactions with youth