Philadelphia, PA: 2020 Annual Meeting & Education Conference

Jun 23, 2020 04:00pm -
Jun 28, 2020 08:00am

Event Type: Annual Meeting
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Speaker Information


Wednesday, June 24

8:30 am – 11 am
Offer in Compromise, 3 hours
Marty Davidoff, Esq., CPA; Prager Metis 

This comprehensive presentation takes participants on a hands-on journey through the entire IRS Offer in Compromise (“OIC”) process, including how to effectively complete the appropriate financial disclosure package for individuals (Form 433-A(OIC)) and Form 656.

11:10 am – 12 pm
Doubt as to Liability Offer in Compromise: An Under-Utilized Tool for Correcting IRS Assessments
, 1.4 hours
Daniel Rosefelt, Esq., CPA; Daniel Rosefelt and Associates 
This presentation discusses the IRS doubt as to liability offer in compromise program (“DATL OIC”), which is distinct and separate from the IRS doubt as to collectability offer in compromise program (“DATC OIC”).  The DATL OIC addresses situations where taxpayers need to dispute and correct erroneous IRS assessments.This presentation discusses the DATL OIC process, submission procedures, advantages over other methods of disputing IRS assessments, practical tips and how to complete IRS Form 656L.

2 pm – 2:50 pm
Professional Liability, 1 hour
Kathy Velin, Hays Companies


3 pm – 4:10 pm
U.S. Supreme Court Saga – An Underdog’s Tale
Silvia Safille Ibanez Esq, CPA, CFP; Silvia S. Ibanez PLC Law Firm

Silvia Ibanez achieved national recognition by winning the first amendment argument concerning the advertisement of her multiple credentials [i.e. CFP and CPA] in attorney advertising – a decision issued by the U.S. Supreme Court in June 1994. [Ibanez vs. State of Florida]. This presentation will discuss the Ibanez U.S. Supreme Court Decision and professional use of the CPA credential, and the impact of the case on dual practice practitioners.


Thursday, June 25

8:30 am – 10:30 am
Securities Compliance for Private Placement Offerings, 2.4 hours
Gene Trowbridge, Esq., CCIM
This presentation will inform the participants as to the tremendous scope of the private placement marketplace, alerting them to the many ways they can get involved, unknowingly, in securities law violations.  The Security and Exchange Commission, the State Securities Commissioners and the courts have defined what a security is through the term "Investment Contract" and have established a concise set of rules which must be adhered to by members of the AAA-CPA and their clients.

10:40 am – 12 pm
International Penalty Litigation, 1.6 hours
Frank Agostino, Esq., Agostino & Associates

1 pm – 3 pm
Ethics for Attorney – CPAs, 2.4 hours 

James J. Rigos, JD, LLM, CPA

Do attorney – CPAs need to comply with the ABA’s Code of Ethics, the AICPA Code of Ethics, or both? Conflicting ethical problems identified and some suggestions to avoid or minimize professional disciplinary potential problems. 

3:20 – 4:30 pm  
The Role of Taxpayer Rights in a ‘Modernized’ Internal Revenue Service, 1.4 hours
Nina Olson, former National Taxpayer Advocate with the IRS

The Taxpayer First Act requires the Secretary of the Treasury to submit a plan for modernizing the IRS, along with a customer service strategy, a comprehensive training plan, and an information technology plan.  These plans have the potential to mold the IRS’s direction for the next one or two decades.  Where do taxpayer rights fit into these plans?  Nina Olson will discuss her thoughts on how to transform the IRS, using the Taxpayer Bill of Rights as a roadmap.


Friday, June 26

8:30 am – 10:30 am
Conservation Easements, 2.4 hours
Edward Rappaport, Esq., LL.M, The Saylor Law Firm LLP

This presentation will update on the state of play in conservation easements.  The area is highly dynamic as the Tax Court is issuing decisions weekly and several hundred more cases are docketed in Tax Court with hundreds of transactions under examination.

10:40 am – 12 pm
Delaware Appraisal Litigation, 1.6 hours
Eric Andersen, CPA; Andersen Sleater Sianni

In appraisal litigation, the Delaware courts have increasingly relied on the transaction price as the best evidence of fair value. They have reached this conclusion even when the transaction process had minor flaws, or when reliable management projections are available for estimating value through a discounted cash flow model.

1 pm – 2:30 pm
Taxation of Damages, 1.8 hours
David S. DeJong, LL.M., CPA; Stein Sperling Bennett De Jong Driscoll PC

While the question of whether damages are taxable would appear to generate a simple answer, this is not the case.  Damages may be tax free because the source of the claim is physical injury or because there is a recovery of capital.  On the other hand, damages may give rise to ordinary income or capital gain depending on the facts.  Even more perplexing, attorney fees and costs may be deductible or nondeductible.  Determining the answers necessitates an examination not only of the decision or settlement but also of the complaint.  The program will focus on determining the tax treatment of damages in various contexts and the handling of the costs of recovery.

2:50 – 4:30 pm
International Tax, 1.6 hours
Marc Schwartz, Esq., CPA; Schwartz International

An increasing percentage of clients have international connections whether via personal investments or business opportunities. They expect you to at least be able to identify the issues. Join us for a practical discussion using real-life case studies on the issues facing your practice (whether you know it or not!). Examples include foreign investment into the US (private equity; partnerships; real estate); US outbound investment; how do deal with non-compliance  – what are the general rules to ensure accurate compliance? What planning opportunities are there? What are the common mistakes we see? We’ll also have plenty of time for Q&A.

Saturday, June 27

8:30 am – 10:10 am
Cybersecurity: How to Protect Yourself and Your Business
Steven Ryder, True North Networks

While the news on cybercrime can seem daunting and the regulations overwhelming, there are affordable techniques to protect your network and steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of your data being compromised that won't break the bank. In this session we will review information on the recent breaches and apply what is learned to help you lessen the possibility of having a similar experience.