Portland, OR: 2018 Annual Meeting & Education Conference

Jul 03, 2018 01:00pm -
Jul 08, 2018 08:00am

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Offering 20 Hours of CPE/CLE/MCLE/CE and on a 50-minute schedule or 16 Hours of CPE/CLE/MCLE/CE on a 60-minute schedule.


We are finalizing the program now, please check back as we add on more dynamic sessions.  Below please find the latest education schedule.
Subject to Change

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Dealing with IRS in 2018: Trends and Best Practices
Eric Rollinger, Esq., CPA
Stein Sperling Bennett De Jong Driscoll PC

This presentation will provide an in-depth analysis of IRS staffing, examination, collection and funding levels for past years and today.  Additionally, it will discuss best practices for getting favorable results in 2018 when handling IRS audits, appeals, and collection matters.  There will also be a breakdown of IRS liens, discharging taxes in bankruptcy, innocent spouse relief, and abatement of penalties.

NASBA approved for 2.0 CPE hours in Tax; 2.0 (M) CLE

What Exactly is Bitcoin and Other Forms of Cryptocurrency?

What Every Tax Advisor NEEDS to know about 21st Century E Money
David W. Klasing Esq. M.S. – Tax CPA
Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing, P.C.

Taxpayers that go beyond simple investing for their own account through established cryptocurrency brokerages could find themselves facing a multitude of uncoordinated federal and state regulation and sporadic criminal and civil enforcement actions by federal and state agencies. This session will explore the legal complications that go beyond simple investing in cryptocurrency by selling or exchanging directly with multiple third parties and enable tax practitioners to advise clients how to properly report.  

NASBA approved for 2.0 CPE hours in Tax; 2.0 (M) CLE

Recent Federal Tax Developments
David De Jong, LLM, CPA

Stein Sperling Bennett De Jong Driscoll PC

The session will cover the most important federal tax developments including new laws, regulations, cases and rulings.  While many changes in the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are well publicized, the program will look to inform the attendee of the most important of the changes that have been the subject of extensive discussion as well as to include a roundtable on widely discussed but unresolved issues from the legislation. 

NASBA approved for 2.0 CPE hours in Tax; 2.0 (M) CLE

Thursday, July 5, 2018
Estate and Gift Tax Planning in an Environment Without a One-Size Fits All Approach
Jonathan Cavanagh, Esq., LLM, CPA
Cable Huston LLP

Since the state estate tax credit was eliminated, estate planners can no longer plan for clients by seeking to merely reduce clients’ gross estates. Instead, we must plan for the myriad of state estate tax exemptions and the rules for each jurisdiction. In addition, clients who are now exempt from federal estate taxes are now increasingly concerned with the income tax basis of assets inherited by their beneficiaries. This presentation will address important components in planning for clients in an environment where minimizing a client’s gross estate is no longer the goal.

NASBA approved for 1.5 CPE hours in Tax; 1.5 (M) CLE

What did my Government do to My Divorce?
Lisa Hughes, Esq., CPA, CFLS & Bruce Hughes,Esq., CPA
Hughes & Hughes Attorneys at Law

In this session the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017" and its ramifications of divorcing spouses will be discussed.  While the non-deductibility of spousal support will be addressed, the number of other impacts that will affect the professionals' ability to settle and/or try a complicated estate will also be explored.

NASBA approved for 1.5 CPE hours in Tax; 1.5 (M) CLE

How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Affects Business Taxation
Timothy Todd
Liberty University School of Law

This session will discuss the changes made to business taxation by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The session will focus primarily on domestic taxation changes for corporations and pass-through entities, including the new section 199A deduction.

NASBA approved for 1.5 CPE hours in Tax; 1.5 (M) CLE

How much due diligence is enough?

Staying on the Right Side of Circular 230 and the Office of Professional Responsibility
Karen Hawkins
ABA Tax Section
Former Director of the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility

This session will focus on the multiple provisions in Circular 230 and the corresponding AICPA SSTS’s on due diligence requirements for tax professionals. Explanations for the provisions will be presented through hypotheticals and from audience questions. Focus will be on the diligence as to accuracy and competence provisions in Circular 230 and will explore answers to the question of “How much diligence is enough?”

NASBA approved for 1.5 CPE hours in Behavioral Ethics; 1.5 (M) CLE


Friday, July 6, 2018 
Professional Ethics Education Symposium
NASBA approved for 3.0 CPE hours in Behavioral Ethics and 3.0 in Regulatory Ethics; 6.0 (M) CLE

Spend the day with the AAA-CPA and explore the world of ethics and for a CPA and Attorney with subjects covering:

  • How We Got Where We Are Under the New AICPA ‘Re-Codification’ and the History of Modern Accounting Ethics Including AICPA, PEEC, IFOA​
  • Oregon State Board of Accountancy Disciplinary Process.  From Complaints to Hearings to Appeals
    Presented by: Allison Martin Rhodes, Esq., Partner, Holland and Knight LLP

  • Oregon State Board of Accountancy Ethics
    Presented by: 
    Jim Jurinski JD, CPA (Washington) is an Associate Professor of Accounting and Law at the University of Portland's Pamplin School of Business

  • Legal Ethics and The ABA Rules of Professional Conduct
    Presented by: James Rigos, LL.M., CPA-CMA-CFM, Rigos Professional Education Programs, National Chair of AAA-CPA’s Ethics and Dual Practice Committee

  • The Significant Differences in Ethics That May Affect an Attorney–CPA
    Presented by:

    James Rigos, LL.M., CPA-CMA-CFM, Rigos Professional Education Programs, National Chair of AAA-CPA’s Ethics and Dual Practice Committee

    Jim Jurinski JD, CPA (Washington) is an Associate Professor of Accounting and Law at the University of Portland's Pamplin School of Business

  • Professional Rules Aside…Ethics Guide For Life
    Presented by:  Joseph L. Brotherton, Esq., CPA, Brotherton Corp., P.S.

Saturday, July 7, 2018
Rhonda, Rita, Bernie, and Me: My 5 years in White Collar Crime

Dr. Elaine M Gregory, MBA, CPA, CFE

In the aftermath of three recent fraud schemes, we are often looking at ‘what happened’ from a clinical or academic view point. This session provides that but also gives you a view from the ‘lighter side’ of the fraud…what did those criminals do with the ill-gotten gains and what happened to them? Examining the scheme, the take down and the assets seized brings the fraud full circle.

NASBA approved for 2.0 CPE hours in Specialized Knowledge; 2.0 (M) CLE