2017 Fall Meeting & Education Conference

Nov 01, 2017 05:00pm -
Nov 05, 2017 08:00am

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The 2017 Fall Meeting & Education Conference will offer you insights to help you accomplish your business goals no matter what stage of your career you are in.



8:30-9:45 am                                      75 minutes
How to Start and Build Your Practice
Jay Foonberg, Esq., CPA


Learn it all from a practicing lawyer who provides you with real answers, for real practices, gained from real experiences. Author of the ABA bestseller, How to Start and Build Your Practice, Mr. Foonberg has guided tens of thousands lawyers on planning, launching, and growing a successful practice.  No matter what stage of your practice you are in, these tools and attitudes will benefit you and your practice.


9:45-10:35 am                                    50 minutes

Liability Insurance Dos and Don'ts
A Representative from Hays Companies

In your practice, you must protect yourself for all types of liabilities.  There are unique needs of the dually licensed professional and the coverage for professional services rendered as an Attorney and/or CPA.  Here from the source on the dos and don’ts when it comes to Liability Insurance practices.


10:50-11:40am                                   50 minutes

Growing Your Business Through a Marketing Strategy That Produces Results!

Joseph Cordell, Esq., CPA Executive Partner and Owner
Cordell and Cordell and Cordell Practice Management Group Leadership


Are you an entrepreneur trying to make your mark in the world? Or you are new to Partnership wanting to leave a lasting professional imprint on your firm’s legacy? Maybe you have been working tirelessly for years at your business and have experienced some success, but have a hunch there is a world of opportunity that you are missing out on. If any of these describe you, you won’t want to miss this session. We will focus on utilizing marketing strategies that will grow your business using both a creative and data driven approach. Focus and brand strategy are important to marketing your business, but measuring results and remaining adaptable are also keys to ensuring sustained success


11:40am-12:30pm                                            50 minutes

All the Right Moves: Retire With Confidence
Christopher J. Clarkson, CFA,  Director, Wealth Strategies
Bernstein Private Wealth Management


While building a practice, professionals often avoid taking the time to plan for their own retirement.  Though no one can control financial market conditions, investors do control many of the key variables that lead to retirement success.  In this session, learn the framework for building a sound retirement strategy, and address topics such as how to determine when you can safely retire; assessing the trade-offs of risk and return when choosing an asset allocation; and taking full advantage of tax-deferred vehicles.


1:45- 3:25pm                                                      100 minutes

The 50 Most Significant Federal Tax Developments- June 2016-October 2017

David De Jong, Esq., CPA, LL.M.(Tax), Principal
Stein Sperling Bennett De Jong Driscoll PC

The session will cover the most important federal tax developments of the last 17 months including new laws, regulations, cases and rulings.  While many changes in the “body of tax law” are well publicized, the program will look to inform the attendee of those developments as well as others which may not have received the same initial attention.


3:40-5:40pm                                                       100 minutes

Ethics for Attorney – CPAs: Conflicts of interest and Professional Fiduciary Duty*
Qualifies for Ethics
Jim Rigos, Esq., LL.M., CPA-CMA-CFM
Rigos Professional Education Programs

This session will explore two critical ethical areas:

Conflicts of interest with a focus on representing competing clients, client-to-client transactions, and professional – client business transactions.

Professional Fiduciary Duty with a focus on creation of status and dangers, elderly, probate, and trust work, withholding taxes and ERISA fiduciary danger, investment advice and related promotion and directorships.


Phil Brent Fund


8:30-9:45 am                                      75 minutes

How to Avoid Liability When Hiring and Firing Employees
Marie DiSante, Esq.,  Managing Partner
Carothers DiSante & Freudenberger LLP

Employees can be both your biggest asset and your biggest liability.  This panel discussion will focus on common issues professional service firms face in complying with employment related laws and regulations, the mistakes frequently made that lead to liability, and strategies to avoid being the victim of an employment claim.


9:45-10:35 am                                    50 minutes

Preparing at Tax Return through an Attorney* Qualifies for Ethics

Zaher Fallahi, Esq., CPA
Zaher Fallahi Attorney at Law


This program will discuss the application of Attorney-Client Privilege v. Accountant-Client Privilege when an attorney prepares a tax return, and potential ethical issues.  Questions will be answered regarding what ethical issues a tax preparer attorney may encounter? What privilege a tax preparer attorney may assert? Also, the Accountant-Client Privilege of the Treasury Circular 230 and IRC 7525 will be explored.


10:50am-12:30pm                            100 minutes

Held for Ransom: Ransomware Prevention and Response * Qualifies for A&A

Madison Iler, Director of Compliance and Advisory Services
LMG Security


It takes just one click, and your company’s critical files can be locked up, bringing business to a halt.  Organizations of all kinds are held hostage by ransomware, the malicious software that encrypts your data until you pay a hefty fee. We’ll show you a video of a real ransomware infection, and walk through the extortion process, including screenshots of a real ransom negotiation. Then we'll cover security best practices to help you and your clients protect against ransomware and other cybersecurity attacks through access controls, backup strategies, and building a strong response capability.


1:45-2:35pm                                       50 minutes

Marketing Focus for an International Tax Practice
Jeff Kahn Esq., CPA, LL.M.(Tax), Principal
Law Offices Of Jeffrey B. Kahn, P.C.

Since 2009 when the first Voluntary Disclosure Program for undisclosed foreign bank accounts was announced, a new market opened up for taxpayers requiring service to come into tax compliance through various programs established by the IRS to avoid criminal prosecution and minimize penalties.  Even with the substantial number of taxpayers who have come forward, there are still many who have not and risk the chance of getting caught.  Additionally, taxpayers with foreign accounts and foreign assets will still require service to maintain tax compliance as the reporting can be completed and the rules and procedures are subject to change.


2:35-3:25pm                       50 minutes

What Happens to a Professional Practice Upon Divorce
Lisa Hughes, Esq., and Bruce Hughes, Esq., Partners
Hughes & Hughes Attorneys at Law

Hear insights to the hard to ask questions.  How will the practice be valued? What is the meaning and impact of reasonable compensation on the practice valuation? What happens to accounts receivable or contingent assets? What about management and control of the practice pending the divorce? Can the divorcing spouses continue to own a practice jointly? Should they. Separate property considerations for the practice.


3:40-5:20pm                       100 minutes

Secrets of the Filthy Rich:  Planning Strategies for the Affluent Families and Successful Business Owners
Jeffrey M. Verdon, Esq.
Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group, LLP

Affluent families and successful business owners are valued clients who expect you to offer the most effective and protective advice available.  These clients are paying too much income tax, will incur significant estate taxes when then die, and are continually subjected to the risk of a financially ruinous lawsuit, or a divorce that ties up their separate property until the marriage is formally dissolved.

This work shop will cover many of the newest “disruptive technologies” coveted by your best clients.  You will learn about the NING Trust, The HYCET Trust®, Decanting to fix a broken trust, asset protection planning, and The Private Retirement Plan (the best asset protection planning no one has heard of).



8:30-10:05am                                     100 minutes

Succession and Exit Planning: Maximizing Your Potential
Mark Fowler, President
Stowe Management Corporation


Succession and Exit Planning are top of mind in today’s world.  It is essential that you understand the various aspects and perspectives of owner transition, mergers and acquisitions, management buyouts and other events that impact your succession plans in the future now. This interactive presentation addresses the importance of planning for succession and transition, understanding it is a long-term process not a single event and the human dynamic and interaction among all the people directly and indirectly involved.