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2019 AMTA Conference - Innovate! Integrate! Motivate!

Nov 18, 2019 08:00am -
Nov 24, 2019 02:00pm

Event Type: Conference
Category: Annual Conference

Speaker Information

AMTA is honored to present many of the foremost authorities on music therapy at its 2019 Conference. Come learn and grow with the best and the brightest in music therapy.

Don't Miss the Special Opening Session Guest: Gaelynn Lea. 

When Gaelynn Lea won NPR Music’s 2016 Tiny Desk Contest, her two decades as a hardworking and talented musician finally crystallized in a beautiful moment of national recognition. It was also the beginning of a grand adventure. With the wind of her award at their backs, Gaelynn and her husband Paul sold their house in Northern Minnesota, quit their jobs, bought a van, and hit the road. Since then, Gaelynn has played over 425 shows in 42 states and seven countries. With her singular voice and deeply-affecting violin, she guides the listener through a journey that explores the contrasting nature of existence: dark and light, birth and death, anger and forgiveness, sorrow and joy. In addition to performing and recording, Gaelynn also speaks about disability awareness, accessibility in the arts, and living an enriching life. Gaelynn is a strong voice in the disability community and uses her music as a platform to advocate for people with disabilities and to promote positive social change.  You’ll be enthralled and inspired by Gaelynn’s performance at the 2019 AMTA Conference.  Learn more about Gaelynn here.


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