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Bruno Barbara - Good as Gold Training

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS Barb is recognized internationally as one of the top experts in the Staffing and Recruiting Profession. She has addressed audiences in North America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Barb has developed web based training programs that are distributed in several countries, she writes for numerous publications and authors one of the most widely read online publications, The No BS Newsletter. She has authored several books, created mobile apps and is often quoted as an industry expert. Barb became a trainer to promote responsible recruiting and to allow owners, managers and recruiters to make more money. 100% of Barb’s Top Producer Tutor clients have increased their sales and profits. Barb also developed Happy Candidates to allow Staffing and Recruiting Firms to focus on the 5% of candidate flow they place, but also provide an amazing resource for the other 95%. The resource has provided many benefits for owners which include: increased referrals, elimination of the greatest time waster (time spent on candidates you won’t place) increased sales and dramatically improved word-of-mouth advertising. Barb has been, is and always will be defined by making a difference in the lives of others including the candidates we can’t place on an assignment, contract or job. Most recently Barb created and launched an easy to use Metric Tool called The Sales Performance Indicator which includes the proven 140 point system. This tool alleviates inconsistent production, helps prioritize activities and predicts trends. Barb speaks at conferences, conducts webinars and provides in-house training and offers consulting. Her ideas are easy to implement and participants realize a strong return on their investment of time and money. Bottom Line: Her enthusiasm and passion for this Profession are contagious!


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