NAACO 2018 Annual Conference - Atlanta, GA

Feb 19, 2018 07:30am -
Feb 21, 2018 03:30pm

Event Type: Conference
Category: Annual Membership Meeting

Speaker Information

Pops Culture: How King of Pops Spreads Joy to Employees and Customers

Steven Carse, Co-Founder
King of Pops Atlanta, GA, USA


King of Pops’ core purpose is to create unexpected moments of happiness. This starts by building a strong culture with our employees and extends to every single interaction with customers. From handing a child a popsicle at a cart to large catered events with more than 3,000 people, the mission is always the same. We know that anyone can make and sell pops, so we set a much loftier, fulfilling purpose. The good news: nothing we do is rocket science and can be emulated at your organization, or at your events.


Creating a Culture of Hospitality & Inclusion with Food & Beverage
Tracy Stuckrath, President & Chief Food Officer
Thrive! Meetings & Events Greenville, SC, USA

As commencement and convocation officers, you want to foster an event environment that is inclusive of all kinds of people, including those with dietary needs. But creating a menu to feed a crowd of 50 to one of 5,000 is a daunting challenge, even under the best of circumstances. In this interactive session, we’ll discuss ways to feed everyone nutritiously, safely and deliciously, no matter what they can and cannot eat and within your budget.