SEFLIN 2018 Fall Membership Meeting

Nov 16, 2018 10:00am -
Nov 16, 2018 01:00pm

Event Type: Meeting

Speaker Information

About Gene

Gene Ambaum writes two comics about libraries, Unshelved and his new project, Library Comic. These days, when people ask what he does, he still says he’s a librarian. (He has also worked as a paper boy, teacher, auto mechanic, courier, operations manager, staff development coordinator, and telemarketer.) Gene is great at making fun of strange, difficult customers because he is the most difficult customer of them all. 

Surviving the Public

Tough customers got you down? Let Gene Ambaum (Unshelved, Library Comic) teach you how to stop worrying and learn to enjoy difficult people! In this keynote he focuses on the Unshelved approach to customer service:the customer is seldom right. Most customer service interactions can be enjoyable if you have the right frame of mind. Or, failing that, at least you can have the last laugh.