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1)      NHMA Mentoring and Leadership Programs for 2015:  NHMA mentors medical students, residents, young physicians, and mid-career physicians who are committed to serving as leaders in our Hispanic communities.  In 2014, we have motivated 2,000 students in DC, San Antonio, Los Angeles - to apply to medical school and other health careers; we have mentored medical and public health students about community health careers with the GE Foundation and LMSA; mentored residents and young physicians with the US Department of Health and Human Services and NY Life Insurance Company.


2)      The Covered Hispanics Campaign will tap into NHMA’s extensive network of members and partners across the country and collaborate with Hispanic health professionals as they write articles, op-eds and provide interviews to traditional and social media.


During the first enrollment period of the Affordable Care Act, approximately 10 million Hispanics became newly insured. Although this is a step in the right direction, more is needed.  With the high rates of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other chronic diseases among Hispanics, NHMA recognizes the importance of leading the cause to ensuring culturally and linguistically competent information and education, increasing health care coverage, and enhancing access to quality care and prevention.  To do so, we need your help!


NHMA is looking to raise $2 million by December 2015 to ensure for successful outcomes. 

Your tax deductible contributions will enable us to achieve our goal of building healthier Hispanic communities by supporting education, awareness and training events throughout the country.  We thank you for your support!


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