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Pay Your 2016 Dues Online!!  Follow These Steps...


After you have logged in click on My Transactions on the left side of screen. Then click on Pay Open Order (see where yellow arrow is pointing in example below).




Below is the next screen. Click on box to select the Open Order (Step 1. - shown below circled in red) it is the Dues Renewal, DO NOT CLICK ON THE ADD DETAILS - the system already has your section selected, then click on Next (Step 2. - bottom of screen - shown circled in red).


  • The next screen will give you the option to make an online donation. Click next.
  • Fill out payment information. Click next.
  • Confirm billing address. Click next.
  • Click Pay Now.

Contact the office if you have any questions - (303) 412-6205.

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Message from 2016 President

Helen V. Hickman CPG 7535

AIPG 2016 National President


As members of the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG), we have an important mission to fulfill. I hope that you renew your membership this year and each year, be active in the organization – and reap the personal and professional rewards!  I am requesting something more than your dues, I am suggesting you devote some time to the profession through this organization; you will not be disappointed.

Our Institute’s mission is threefold:

  • To be an Effective Advocate for the Profession of Geology
  • To Serve our Members Through Activities and Programs that Support Continuing Professional Development
  • To Promote High Standards of Ethical Conduct

These objectives can be applied to the organization as a whole and to us, individually. As with any endeavor, we learn and grow through participating in our lives and are always rewarded for the effort. 

A career as a geologist is more than a job; it represents a series of lifestyle choices and a lifetime of learning. It also represents a lifetime of explaining to an interested public, mostly in a social setting, the concepts of why volcanoes erupt, faults cause earthquakes, and why it is important to study rocks on far away planets! We visit geological wonders on vacation, and we try to pass on our love of the earth’s natural processes to our children! What a wonderful profession! Geology infiltrates the news and life in general, so our profession comes with solemn responsibility; our opinions and explanations are important and affect people’s lives. As AIPG members, we need to go beyond this level of responsibility to be effective advocates of our profession, in order to be credible, leaving a positive and accurate impression. 

I have had the privilege of working with several of our members and AIPG staff this year, both on the Section and National levels, and am astounded by the quality of people giving service, dedication, effort and enthusiasm to AIPG.That is not to say that we cannot use more participation from our less active members and sections, or have a greater influence in the legislature or with students, or develop more successful programs that promote our organization, or organize more events that bring members and non-members together. 

I am so fortunate to have been elected to be President of this organization and I hope that I move the AIPG forward in a positive direction in the short time period I have to make my contribution. I know that this is a team effort and without the participation of everyone, wherever they are, the results will not serve the organization as well. Please contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to share your group’s accomplishments.

Thank you for continuing to be a member of AIPG.


Helen V. Hickman CPG 7535

2016 AIPG President