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Membership Levels


Membership Cycle: May 1, 2020 – April 30, 2021
Enrollment Period: Open Enrollment Year-Round
Memberships must be renewed each year. Membership benefits become effective upon receipt of full dues payment. All dues are quoted in U.S. Dollars.


AMAC is the only national organization that partners with airports to assist them in remaining compliant with federal DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) and ACDBE (Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) programs under 49 CFR Part 23 and 26. AMAC provides DBE/ACDBE Liaison Officer & Program Administrators Training, as well as, serves as the voice to Federal Aviation Administration and US Department of Transportation personnel when addressing FAA/USDOT program challenges. Additionally, airports can select from a large pool of qualified local and national DBEs and ACDBEs interested in doing business with their airport.

  • Open to Aviation Authorities and Airport Operators
  • Receives Eight (8) Employee Representatives
  • Receives Two (2) Votes in AMAC’s Annual Board of Directors Election
Airport Gross Revenue Annual Dues
Small, $0 – $150M $2,500
Medium, $151M – $350M $5,000
Large, $350M+ $7,500






AMAC brings those opportunities through a robust online career center (bid/job board), valuable networking experiences and strategic business matchmaking opportunities to its membership. AMAC also maintains relationships with airport and corporate decision makers to help businesses connect with the right individuals in order to pursue their contracting goals.

  • Open to Businesses Including ACDBE, DBE, MBE, SBE, WBE Businesses Engaged in or Seeking to Engage in Airport Businesses
  • Receives Three (3) Employee Representatives
  • Receives One (1) Vote in AMAC’s Annual Board of Directors Election
  • Annual Dues: $500



When it comes to running an effective supplier diversity program, AMAC serves as the source in locating qualified minority and woman-owned businesses to fill concessions, construction, supplier and/or other professional services contracts. AMAC also provides educational training focused on the airport environment and business operations.

  • Open to All Businesses Engaged in or Seeking to Engage in Airport Business That Exceed the US Small Business Administration’s Small Business Size Standard
  • Receives Ten (10) Employee Representatives
  • Receives Two (2) Votes in AMAC’s Annual Board of Directors Election
Company Gross Revenue Annual Dues
Small, $0 – $150M $2,000
Medium, $151M – $350M $3,500
Large, $350M+ $6,000






AMAC connects airports and businesses to government employees (city, state and federal), educational institutions, and individuals involved in administering, managing or promoting minority and women business participation or employment. The relationships formed aide in identifying business opportunities as well as challenges program administrators may face.

  • Open to Non-Airport Employees from City, State and Federal Government and Educational Institutions Involved in Administering, Managing or Promoting Minority and Women Business Participation or Employment in the Aviation Industry
  • Receives One (1) Employee Representative
  • Receives One (1) Vote in AMAC’s Annual Board of Directors Election
  • Annual Dues: $225



Searching for an internship to gain valuable industry experience or a scholarship to offset tuition costs can be overwhelming. AMAC connects students with internship opportunities and provides scholarships to students in aviation-related disciplines through its fundraising arm – AMAC Foundation. Student members also enjoy access to view job opportunities on AMAC’s job board. Most importantly, students can form valuable professional connections with airport officials and business owners through AMAC’s networking opportunities.

  • Open to Individuals Enrolled in a Secondary or in a Post-Secondary Educational Institution
  • Receives No Vote in AMAC’s Annual Board of Directors Election
  • Annual Dues: $25