Registering Using the Online Store

Please read ALL of the following instructions before proceeding, especially if you are new to our online store or are registering someone else on their behalf.

Logging into the NAILBA Online Store

  • Please click on "Login" in the column to the left of your screen.
  • You will be asked to enter the email address we have on file for the registrant. 
    If you are registering someone else on their behalf, you must use their email address!
  • If you do not know the password, you can reset it on this screen by clicking "Forgot your password?"  A confirmation email will be sent to the email address we have on file for the registrant.  You can also call our office and ask for the password to be re-set (703.383.3081) between 9am and 5pm ET, Monday through Friday.
  • Click on "Go," then please follow the instructions below after logging in.


Registering Someone Not Currently in Our Database

  • Please select "New Visitor Registration" on the login screen.
  • Then create a profile for that individual using their email address and create a password for them.  Do not create a profile for someone without using their email address.  When they check-in to the registration desk at the meeting they may be delayed!
  • After successfully logging-in, you may update your profile to reflect any changes to your mailing address, telephone number, etc. 

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR MEMBER REGISTRATION:  There is a delay for registration of new individuals registering as a Member.  Our staff must physically assign your profile to your Member Agency.  There is typically only a short delay if the profile is created between 9am and 5pm ET Monday through Friday.  Log back in at a later time to make sure that Member Registration is available for you.


After Logging-In

To continue registration, select "Upcoming Events" which will appear on the left side of your screen after you successfully log-in. On the next screen, ignore any boxes at the top of the screen and select one of the two options in green toward the bottom of the screen:

  • "NAILBA 34 Member Registration"
    You must be an employee of a NAILBA Member agency.
  • "NAILBA 34 Exhibitor/Sponsor Registration"
    You must be an employee of a company currently exhibiting or sponsoring at the meeting.

Complete the registration forms, clicking "Next" to move through each screen.  Then, click on "Submit Registration" to place the registration in your shopping cart. 

After you submit your registration, confirm your order and select "Proceed to Checkout."  Enter your credit card information (or discount code) and submit your payment.  On the screen immediately following, you will be able to add a second email address to receive the confirmation email of your completed registration.


Using Discount Codes

If you are using a discount code, please ignore the charges that appear.  You will be able to use your discount code at the end of the registration process by entering the code and clicking the "Apply Discount" button on the shopping cart screen.  Discount codes may not be used for Guest or Innovation workshop registrations.

WARNING:  If you enter a valid discount code and hit "Apply Discount," the system will automatically deduct the discount from your account.  Do not hit the "back" button once you have entered your discount code!

If you need assistance with the online registration process, please call NAILBA to speak with Meredith Maslich or John Tong at 703.383.3081.