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    Bullying is Unacceptable

    The playground bully has been around as long as children have been going to school. But as society has changed, and some would argue has become ill-mannered, bullying has become worse, in some cases involving serious threats and physical assaults. Regardless of severity, it causes emotional harm to victims and cannot be tolerated. It occurs so frequently because those who bully know that the chance of any serious consequence is small. That needs to change.

    NAPT believes that bullying is unacceptable. Click here to read the rest of our bullying white paper.


If you are coming to this page after answering a Survey Monkey questionnaire about bullying prevention training, thank you very much for using your time to help us. We are looking for responses from people that have used this training, or similar, so we do not need more from you at this time.

Please take a moment and look at the available training documents on this page.

Two training modules were jointly created by NAPT, the Education Department’s Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools and the Safe and Supportive Schools Technical Assistance Center. 

The first module, titled "See Something. Do Something:  Intervening in Bullying Behavior," will teach drivers what does and does not constitute bullying, how to respond to the behavior on or around the bus, and specific strategies for addressing and reporting bullying as it occurs.

The second module, "Creating a Supportive Bus Climate: Preventing Bullying, focuses on building mutual respect on the school bus. The training will encourage drivers to consider what a supportive bus climate looks like and how it prevents bullying; and learn and commit to perform simple, concrete strategies to build positive relationships on the school bus.

Both modules include a step-by-step trainer’s guide, a PowerPoint presentation (in PDF format), handouts for driver activities, palm cards for drivers and posters that can be displayed in the transportation department or throughout the school system to reinforce the messages.

See the Bullying Research Powerpoint Presentation (pdf)

Module 1 - See Something. Do Something: Intervening in Bullying Behavior

Trainer’s Guide, Overview, and Outline (PDF)

Training Presentation (PDF)

Handouts (PDF)

Module 2 - Creating a Supportive Bus Climate: Preventing Bullying

Trainer’s Guide, Overview, and Outline (PDF)

Training Presentation (PDF)

Handouts (PDF)

Training Collaterals 

Posters (PDF)

Palm card (PDF)