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Welcome to The Council's Member Portal!

Check out your online capabilities after selecting "Login" on sidebar:

  • Managing your membership online. Select "My Information" on the sidebar and update as needed.

  • Tracking your professional development by selecting the "My Events" on the sidebar.



Renew or Purchase Your 2014 - 2015 Membership Online Today!
Step-by-step instructions below:

  • Choose "Login" from the side menu. The login information used must be that of the individual whose membership is being renewed or purchased.

  • Select "My Information" on the sidebar and update as needed. If you are a superintendent who will be paying dues based on salary, you must update your salary here.


  • Visit the "Online Store" on the sidebar next. If a superintendent select "Superintendent" membership; if Cabinet Member select "Cabinet;" if an Interim Superintendent, select "Interim;" and if an Associate Member select "Associate." 


  • If you are paying your dues based on salary, please use the drop down menu to select "Superintendent Dues Calculated from Salary" or if you are eligible for the 5% discount as a Cabinet or Interim Member use the drop down menu to select the appropriate cost and select "Add to Cart."  

  • After adding the membership to your cart, you will have the option to “Continue Shopping” or “Proceed to Checkout.” If you plan to register early for the Fall Leadership Summit and or Winter Institute, please select “Continue Shopping” and register for any of the above services until all desired services are in your shopping cart.

  • You can filter the online store into categories such as Membership, Subscription, or Events by using the drop down menu in “Shop By” and selecting “Go” to assist in finding the services you wish to purchase. 

  • Once all appropriate items are in your shopping cart, select “Proceed to Checkout.”  

  • While in “Billing Information,” you can select “Bill to Organization” by selecting "Change" to bill the district directly which is located just below your default billing address.

  • Please note the option to send a copy of the confirmation email to an additional email address located under "E-mail and Social Confirmations."

  • Under "Payment Information," please use the drop down menu to select from “Credit Card, Bill Me, or Purchase Order.” 

  • To finalize your order, you must select “Purchase Now” at the bottom of the page. Once your order is submitted you will receive confirmation email if appropriate, follow up from Council staff to ensure that early registrants for the Fall Leadership Summit and Winter Institute registrations are accurate and that hotel information is provided.