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Welcome to Workforce Strategy, a division of The Sierra Group, Inc.


Finding a needle in a haystack is easy.  Most of the most vexing business problems require us to find a needle in a pile of needles.  Workforce Strategy seeks to provide professionals with innovative business insights that speak to these pressing needs.

To remain competitive in a changing landscape rife with pitfalls and dead ends, businesses must change in response to internal and external pressures. But change requires that the fundamental question of "From what, to what?" is answered in a clear and unambiguous manner. Our Workforce Strategy team answers that question for many business enterprises by providing timely web-based education from nationally ranked and recognized experts. 


Our web-based Workforce Strategy trainings offer you insight on HR compliance questions, risk management concerns, recruiting tactics, HR metrics, and diversity best practices.  Collaborating with experts from around the country, our team brings talent and expertise to you in teleseminar events that are broadcast throughout the year.  Our model focuses on linking you directly to the expert on stage by creating active audience participation learning events.




Change is Easy: You Go First!


If moving your team in a new direction is more difficult than you want, this month’s teleseminar is for you.  Sue Hansen will be presenting on how to lead change when full buy-in is difficult. As managers and leaders, we all recognize the meeting business goals requires that all of our co-workers work towards the same ends with their unique talents.  This training event will offer practical insights and tips on how to drive process change, when change is not welcome by everyone.


Change is Easy: You Go First!

Audience: A webinar for Human Resource and Vocational Rehabilitation professionals


Live Broadcast

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

1:00PM- 2:00PM EDT



Presented by:  Sue Hansen, Author of:  "Say Yes! To Living a Life of Passion


To register for this event, click the "CHANGE IS EASY: YOU GO FIRST " link on the side of the page.



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