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43rd Annual Meeting of the Members and Banquet - October 12-16, 2015 - Orlando, Florida!


Welcome to the USAWOA Interactive Portal

The National President and the Board of Directors would like to invite you to access the new USAWOA Interactive Portal.

The Portal will continue to grow as new features and members-only benefits become available. USAWOA Members (both current and former) please contact the Home Office by email if your primary email address is not recognized by the system.

The first time you log-in use your Primary Email Address and Password1. You will be prompted to change your password. Do not create a new guest record as you are already in this database. Please save the web address above in your Favorites.

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Available Online - New Warrant Officer Information - Available Online

97th Birthday of the United States Warrant Officers – July 9, 2015. Click here for more information.

Groundbreaking in 2015 for National Museum of the United States Army. Click here for more information.

Available Online - 43rd AMM Registration Foms (Manual and Fillable) - Available Online

USAWOA members can now download the 43rd AMM Registration Forms (manual and fillable).  In the left column, click on the 43rd AMM Registration Forms web link. In the Popup, both of the 43rd AMM Registration forms (manual and fillable) are available for download.  NOTE: Always save the Manual and Fillable Registration Form on your computer before filling it out.

To use the manual Registration form, open up your saved manual Registration form with Adobe, print it out, fill it out, sign it, scan the completed signed manual Registration form and email to CW4 (Ret) Johnie M. Keeter, Sr. at: or snail mail to: CW4 (Ret) Johnie M. Keeter, Sr., 43rd AMM Registration, 106 Charlemagne Circle,  Harvest, AL  35749-9427.

To use the fillable Registration form, open up your saved fillable Registration form with Adobe, fill it out, print it out, sign it, scan the completed signed fillable Registration form and email to CW4 (Ret) Johnie M. Keeter, Sr. at: or snail mail to: CW4 (Ret) Johnie M. Keeter, Sr., 43rd AMM Registration, 106 Charlemagne Circle,  Harvest, AL  35749-9427.

USAWOA Corporate Partners

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USAWOA Defenders Lodge Fund Raising Program



We need your help to achieve our goal.

Do your part for our wounded warriors past, present and  future.

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fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams
Defenders Lodge



Amount Raised

as of 

June 30, 2015.



 USAWOA Eexective Director Elected as TMC Committee Co-Chair

On 15 June 2015, USAWOA Executive Director CW4 (Ret) Jack Du Teil became the first Warrant Officer ever elected as co-chair of a committee in The Military Coalition (TMC).  Click here for addition details.

New - Fund Raiser Early Bird Drawing Winner - New

CW5 (RET) Randall Hansen                     $500.00 - 1st Early Bird Winner                           Fort McCoy Chapter, M id-Northern Region

CW2 Omar X. DeLeon                              $500.00 - 2nd Early Bird Winner                      Top of the World Chapter, Western Region

New -  July 2015 NEWSLINER Notification - New

The July 2015 NEWSLINER is viewable to current members on the USAWOA Interactive Portal by clicking on the Log-In button in the left hand column and Logging-In. Then click on the NEWSLINER button on the left hand column. The July 2015 NEWSLINER and the previous 11 NEWSLINERS are posted.

If you requested to receive the electric notification for the monthly NEWSLINER and you do not receive the notification for the July 2015 NEWSLINER by July 15, 2015, please contact the Headquarters by calling 1-800-5-USAWOA or by email.

This month you will see two versions of the July 2015 NEWSLINER, one version is in High Resolution (17 MB) and one version is in Low Resolution (3 MB) for downloading depending on your service provider.  

USAWOA is proud to support the efforts of Corporate Sponsor Grantham University to recognize the monumental service of Harry W. Colmery, who wrote the first draft of the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944 - also known as the G.I. Bill.  To learn more, click here.

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