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48th Annual Meeting of the Members Awards Banquet and Ball will be held October 20-23, 2020, at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Huntsville, Alabama.


New Life Member Rates Are In Effect: As previously announced in the Newsliner, new Life Member rates went

into effect on 1 January 2020. Please replace any old forms you may have with the new form, which is available

on USAWOA’s new website, at On the front page, select the “Resources” link. Scroll down near the

bottom of the page, and there you will find it, together with other “National Forms.”

Welcome to the USAWOA Interactive Portal

The National President and the Board of Directors would like to invite you to access the new USAWOA Interactive Portal.

The Portal will continue to grow as new features and members-only benefits become available. USAWOA Members (both current and former) please contact the Home Office by email if your primary email address is not recognized by the system.

 The first time you log-in use your Primary Email Address and Password1. You will be prompted to change your password. Do not create a new guest record as you are already in this database. Please save the web address above in your Favorites.

New - March 2020 NEWSLINER Notification - New

The March 2020 NEWSLINER is viewable to current members on the USAWOA Interactive Portal by clicking on the Log-In button in the left hand column and Logging-In. Then click on the NEWSLINER button on the left hand column. The March 2020 NEWSLINER and the previous 11 NEWSLINERS are posted.

If you requested to receive the electric notification for the monthly NEWSLINER and you do not receive the notification for the March 2020 NEWSLINER by March 16, 2020, please contact the Headquarters by calling 1-800-5-USAWOA or by email.

This month you will see two versions of March 2020 NEWSLINER, one version is in High Resolution (13 MB) and one version is in Low Resolution (3 MB) for downloading depending on your service provider.  

New - USAWOA EXCOM Members and Executive Director Video - New

The newly elected National Leadership of the US Army Warrant Officers Association is proud to distribute our 1st quarterly video. It's our initial effort to better communicate with all Active, Guard, Reserve, and retired Army Warrant Officers, Veterans and their families; those who are currently members of the USAWOA and those that were previously members or are possibly considering joining a local Chapter.

This video introduces you to the National President (Joe Consiglio), National Vice President (Pete Hill), National Treasurer (Cheryl Bartly), National Secretary (Michael Dye) and National Executive Director (Jack Du Teil). Future videos will provide similar information from our six Regional Directors as well as important information about ongoing or upcoming events affecting the entire Warrant Officer Cohort.

We welcome any and all feedback as we implement this new communication tool. We also encourage all USAWOA Regional Directors, Chapters and members to share this video.

Click here for the video from the USAWOA EXCOM Members and Executor Director.


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 Order of the Eagle Rising Society

The U.S. Army Warrant Officer Career College’s (USAWOCC) Order of the Eagle Rising Society (Sponsored by the MOAA) annually recognizes one individual who has contributed significantly over his/her lifetime to the promotion of the Warrant Officer Community in ways that stand out in the eyes of recipient’s seniors, subordinates, and peers. These individuals must also demonstrate the highest standards of integrity and moral character, display an outstanding degree of professional competency, and serve Warrant Officer Community with distinction.  Click here for more information.

USAWOA is excited to announce a new partnership with HotelStorm to bring exclusive hotel discounts to our members. HotelStorm negotiates hotel discounts only available to USAWOA members, with discounts up to 55%. Simply search the website for your favorite destinations – whether personal or professional – and you'll find savings of 10-55% over other online travel agencies. Visit HotelStorm and use the password sent to all Members in the USAWOA 4th of July Message, on 1 July 2016, to unlock our discounts (password also available to Members by calling USAWOA headquarters, at 1-800-5USAWOA, or 703-742-7727).



Note from HotelStorm:  In order to protect our hotel discounts and ensure that only our partners & their members are able to access HotelStorm, we ask that you not share your group's password with the public online – i.e. on a public-facing site or social media. You are welcome to share the password in any private communications, such as email, over the phone, or on a member page that requires a login.

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