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New Jersey Chapter Facts...


For a comprehensive overview of what the Chapter has to offer, we invite you to visit our website, www.njaap.org

Communications & Outreach

  • Chapter E-News - NJAAP's bi-weekly electronic reports
  • NJ Pediatrics - NJAAP's quarterly publication providing pediatricians and other healthcare providers with essential resource information.
  • Agenda for Children - a concise booklet detailing the eight priority areas that guide the Chapter in its mission.
  • NJAAP App - Stay connected to the NJ Chapter.
  • Resources - immediate access to an abundance of quality improvement information.
  • Professional Development /Training Center - Training is offered by NJAAP pediatric experts.  

 Additional Member Benefits

  • Registration discounts for Annual Conference and Special Events
  • NJAAP Purchasing Alliance, where qualifying NJ pediatricians are eligible for steep discounted rates on their medical malpractice insurance premiums.
  • Additional Member Benefits – special NJAAP discounts on billing and practice management solutions.
  • 20% Discount on all Legal Matters, free Medical-Legal Seminars through NJAAP's General Counsel, APEX Healthcare Consulting, LLC
  • First to be invited to participate in NJAAP programs.


  • Child Abuse and Neglect (CAN) - In partnership with DCF, NJAAP provides child abuse and neglect prevention trainings to pediatric practices, EDs and emergency medical services statewide.
  • Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD) - a project in partnership with NJDH to support the development of enhanced statewide surveillance, training and education programs to increase the number of newborns identified with CCHD prior to discharge.
  • Immunization Initiative - NJAAP provides technical assistance to primary care practices to assess current immunization rates
  • Medical Home/Practice Transformation - In partnership with NJDH, NJAAP provides primary care practices with training and technical support necessary to work toward attainment of NCQA Recognition as PCMH.
  • New Jersey Immunization Network - A statewide coalition, comprised of over 400 members from more than 150 public and private organizations, dedicated to educating healthcare professionals, legislators, and the public about the vital role timely and age appropriate immunizations play in shielding infants, children, adolescents and the elderly against the ever-present threat of Vaccine Preventable Diseases.
  • New Jersey Oral Health - NJAAP, in partnership with the NJDA, NJDH, and other public and private health organizations is strongly committed to improving children's oral healthcare.

Who can become members of the New Jersey Chapter?

In addition to Fellows and Specialty Fellows, Resident, Post-resident and Candidate Fellows, Affiliate Membership may be granted to physicians, dentists, advanced nurse practitioners, physician assistants, family practitioners, child and adolescent psychiatrists, child and adolescent psychologists and other allied health professionals (e.g. physical, occupational, speech therapists)  practicing and/or residing in the State of New Jersey who are primarily interested in the care and well-being of infants, children, adolescents and young adults.* National AAP membership is recommended but not required.

 Annual Chapter Dues:

  • Voting Fellows - $210
  • Specialty Fellows - $210
  • Candidate Fellows - $210
  • Affiliate Members - $210
  • Post Residential Fellows - $50
Join now by clicking here. If you wish to apply by Fax or mail, an Application Form may be downloaded by clicking here.  You may also call (609) 842-0014, ext. 105
Whom do I contact?

Bert Mulder, Director of Marketing & Business Development, at (609) 842.0014, x105, email bmulder@njaap.org.

Latest Members Benefits  
  • Up to 60% Discount on office furniture for your practice through Allstate Office Interiors


  • 20% Discount on all Legal Matters through NJAAP's General Counsel


  • Apex Consulting Agreement Packages for assistance with insurance, governmental entities and audit response.


  • Receive steep discounts on your medical malpractice insurance premiums.


  • 30% Discount on creating your own personal messages on camera, to be utilized via DVD or any other transmittable format through Art In Motion.



New Jersey Chapter, AAP * 50 Millstone Rd * Building 200, Suite 130 * East Windsor, NJ 08520 * 609-842-0014 * njaap.org

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