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To renew your membership dues online, please click on the attached link MEMBERSHIP RENEWALLOGIN and proceed as follows:


1. Log in using your primary email address (the email address in our database)
Select Renew Membership
3 .Click on the "Pay Open Orders" icon in the upper right hand corner of the page (credit card icon)
4. Click on box that shows your open membership dues order
5. Enter in your credit card information and follow the prompts to submit your payment
6. A confirmation will be emailed to immediately after you have completed your transaction


Donate To NASCI

Recently, the Board of Directors discussed the sentiment that most of our members consider NASCI to be their “home society” and would like to see it thrive. In accordance with this idea, the Board developed a sustainable roadmap to carry NASCI into the future. We are pleased to tell you about an exciting new endeavor: the NASCI Board has initiated an effort to endow a Research and Education Fund. In the current challenging economic environment, the R&E Fund will help the Society strengthen and expand on its core missions. Thank you for your support and commitment to the growth of NASCI.

Donation Levels

  • Contributor ($100-$400)         
  • Patron ($500-$900)         
  • Benefactor ($1,000-$1,900)
  • President's Circle ($2,000-$4,900)
  • Founders Circle ($5,000 or more)

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