Tiered Membership Levels

To accommodate our growing membership and expanded benefits, the WFCA has modified its membership structure. The changes give WFCA members more control over their membership, from choosing the dues and benefits level best suited for their business needs.

The WFCA Team has been working to make this transition as smooth and seamless as possible. We encourage you to explore how these changes affect your WFCA membership.

Membership Cost $395 $495 $795
Dealer Locator
Premier Flooring Retailer Magazine
Tax Write Off
Trade Scholarship WFCA/CFI Training Only $500    
Trade Scholarship Any Approved Industry Training   $500 $500
Free Financial Benchmarking Report
Education/WFCA University
Access to Savings4Members Business Services
Free Access – Legal and Business Primers
fcB2B Discount 20% 25% 30%
CFI Associate Membership    
20% off WFCA/CFI Training    
CFI Technical Services Support    
Access to CFI Installer Search Online    
Company Listing on cfisinstallers.org    

Associate Membership

Producing materials, selling materials, or providing services at wholesale, or otherwise supplying related products or services to the floor covering or related industries at wholesale..." Associate members are not voting members of the WFCA. However, Associate members are entitled to a discount for exhibit space at Surfaces®, and a portion of the Associate member's investment supports the WFCA's Educational Forums.

Membership categories and investment figures below represent an 18-month investment. Membership will return to annual basis and move to a calendar year after 2018. There are three current membership investment categories for associate members:


Manufactures products of any kind for sale to, or within the floor covering industry. 18-month investment is $2,250.


Does not manufacture, nor distribute floor covering to floor covering retailers, or wholesalers, but sells, or provides related products, materials, or services to members of the floor covering, or related industries. 18-month investment is $1,042.50.


Does not manufacture, but distributes floor covering products to floor covering retailers and wholesalers. 18-month investment is $1,042.50.


NWFA Membership Levels

NWFA Membership

NWFA offers a variety of programs and opportunities to help members grow their business.

NWFA University

NWFA University offers online and hands-on courses for NWFA members who are interested in expanding their wood flooring knowledge.