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Full Membership PLUS Print Version of the JTD
Member Price$257.00
New Member Price$257.00
Membership Description

Full Membership PLUS the print version of the JTD (electronic version also included): Regular/full membership is open to professionals primarily involved in the provision of services, research, education, scholarship, writing or public policy in an area related to trauma and dissociation. Members who are mental health or health care providers must be either licensed professionals, trainees or interns in mental health professions who are practicing under the supervision of a licensed professional, or qualified within the accepted legal or cultural standards for conducting clinical practice in his or her locale.

Membership expires on the anniversary date, and members have full access to the “members only” information, resources, references, publications and data for a full year.

Sliding Scale Fees: For individuals who reside in a country that is classified by World Bank economic scale as an Upper Middle Income, Lower Middle Income or Low Income Country you many be eligible for a different membership fee. To view ISSTD membership fees based on the World Bank scale visit this page.

Membership InformationThis is an Anniversary based MembershipMembership Term Effective Date:12Expiration Date:4/24/2018Referred By:4/23/2019
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