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If you would like for your program to be displayed on the NASBITE Pre-Approved Recertification Courses page. please fill out the below information and send any supporting program documents to Lisa Christie, Membership & Certification Coordinator,

We have two options for posting programs on the NASBITE website. 

One Program Posting - $25.00
Unlimited Program Postings - $100.00 yearly

If you have questions about your program's CEU worth, please forward the information about the program to We will review the information and let you know the CEU worth.

Additional Information:
If we need more information, who may we contact? (Name, email address and/or phone number):Program Start Date:
Program End Date:
Will this program be available online?
How many CEUs are you requesting for the event?Email Address:Program Address:Program City:Program State:Program Zip Code:Program Phone Number:Sponsoring Organization:Program Name:Program Website or Registration Link (Please put NA if not applicable):Program Presenter(s):