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AAM Replay January 2016: The Five Cultural Building Blocks of the Best of the Best
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Every firm wants to look at other successful firms to determine what makes them successful – their “secret sauce” that makes them stand out from the crowd. INSIDE Public Accounting has been naming the ‘Best of the Best’ accounting firms in the country for decades. Publisher Mike Platt has researched the philosophical approaches and cultural components of what makes them successful, and is a frequent speaker at partner retreats and conferences. This session will offer marketers steps they can take to positively impact the cultural building blocks. Invite your MP and HR director to this session! 

In this webinar you will: 

• Learn the key cultural components that many ‘Best of the Best’ firms have in common. 
• See examples of how marketers have promoted the cultural benefits at their firms. 
• Hear what MPs have said about how they’ve changed the culture at their firms. 

A strong culture is the foundation of Best of the Best firms’ success, both financially and operationally. Armed with information on the most profitable and well-managed firms in the country, marketers can play a huge role in influencing the culture at their own firms.