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PR3100 - Basic Musculoskeletal Manipulation Skills: The 15 Minute Office Encounter
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Drs. Evans and Rowane have designed this book for the primary care provider who wants a basic guide to managing commonly seen clinical problems that are amenable to musculoskeletal manipulation.  The assessments and techniques presented are ideal for this situation.  Both are rapid and efficient, and specifically designed for use during a 15 minute office visit.  All chapters cover objectives, illustrative cases with answers, clear illustrations to highlight clinically important anatomic landmarks, assessment tips, treatment techniques, and key summary points.  All photographs focus on critical elements of examination and treatment techniques for rapid review at the point of care, enhancing the rapid application of information.

Michael P. Rowane, DO, MS, FAAFP, FAAO & Paul Evans, DO FAAFP, FACOFP
339 pp., Hardcover
ISBN: 0-940668-27-0


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