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All About Concrete Pavement Joint Design and Construction (VIDEO)
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This video (.wmv format), recorded on 9/19/14, covers "All About Concrete Pavement Joint Design and Construction".



  • Eric Ferrebee, EIT, Technical Engineer, American Concrete Pavement Association



Proper design and construction of joints are critical to both the short- and long-term quality.   With that in mind, ACPA presents this comprehensive video to provide essential information about the design and layout of joints, as well as recommended best practices in joint construction.

The first part of our program begins with basic details about the reasons to joint concrete pavements, as well as joint-spacing principles.   The video also will cover the basics of saw cutting; proper curing; types of joints; and examples of joint locations.   The program also will cover dowel bar and tie bar considerations; specialty joints; and the basics of sealing or not sealing joints.

Next, the program will cover details for construction, including placing steel; locating and identifying dowel locations; joint forming; saw cutting, cleaning, and recommended practices for final preparation of joints (whether sealed or not sealed).   The course also will include details on proper header construction (formed or sawed), along with other pertinent information.

During and after our web-based program, ACPA will provide details about several web-based resources that can be used during the joint design/layout and construction processes.   ACPA also will provide brief details about a draft pavement dowel bar location & alignment specification.  (This topic will also be covered in greater depth later this year.)



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