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Considerations of Electronic Discovery on Construction Disputes/Litigation (VIDEO)
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This video (.wmv format), recorded on 2/26/14, covers "The Impact and Considerations of Electronic Discovery on Construction Disputes and Litigation".


Presenter:  Brandon G. Hummel, Associate at Leo & Weber P.C., Chicago, Illinois


Guest presenter Brandon G. Hummel of the law firm, Leo & Weber, P.C., will present an overview that examines both the complexities and requirements of proper handling and retention of electronically-stored information (ESI) by contractors and others in the construction trades.

The video begins with an overview of the volume of emails and ESI used today, all in the context of how this information is used in complex legal actions. The presentation covers why attorneys and clients -- particularly in the construction industry -- must understand what their discovery obligations are, and what the ramifications are for not doing so.

The video also will address document retention polices, as well as the obligations contractors, consultants, and third parties have in this area. The program also will cover what the roles and responsibilities are for collecting and managing ESI when legal actions do arise.

This is an important video for contractors (owners and other management personnel), consultants, service businesses, and others who interact with contractors..


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