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2011 AED Sales Compensation Report
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Dealer members who participated in the survey will receive the report at no charge.

The economy has forced some difficult decisions on employers over the past few years. How has this affected employee pay within our industry? The 2011 AED Sales Compensation Report will summarize the results of an August 2011 survey of AED dealer members to gather information about current trends in sales compensation programs and practices. Where possible, historical comparisons from data gathered in previous surveys will be shown.

The report will also discuss the alignment of sales compensation to the dealer’s business strategy; the future of sales compensation; and key considerations for dealers as refinements and adjustments for sales compensation models are made for 2012.

You’ll find:

  • Is sales compensation in line with your peers?
  • How does sales compensation differ by dealer type, geography, etc.?
  • What must we consider when developing our sales compensation structure?
  • Are compensation models changing? If so, how? Why?

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